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Best Crypto to Buy Today 25 January MEMAG, KAVA, FGHT, RPL, CCHG

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Following a three-week surge, the crypto market has recently gone through a retracement, with its total market capitalization slumping 2.33% in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin has seen a drop of 1.24% so far today, while Ethereum has experienced a dip of 4.09%. With this wider market backdrop in mind, what are some of the best cryptos to buy today?

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Glassnode’s blockchain analytics show that Bitcoin miners and short-term holders are offloading their BTC holdings after the current rally, while long-term investors have been rapidly accumulating coins–a trend that has created a deep divide between bulls and bears.

Five cryptos that look attractive amid this current market pullback are MEMAG, KAVA, FGHT, RPL, and CCHG, which are all potential buys right now based on fundamental and/or technical indicators.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Today

Get set to revolutionize the way you experience mobile gaming with Meta Masters Guild (MMG). By uniting blockchain technology and a decentralized community, MMG is pioneering the next generation of gaming. Their ambition is to construct an engaging ecosystem that encourages both enjoyment and interaction while resolving modern issues gamers face.

Mobile gamers interested in in-game economies can soon join Web3 gaming build Meta Masters Guild, which will soon launch as a gaming ecosystem for blockchain powered games that focus on community and high level gameplay. Besides a roster of high-paced games, the project will also integrate a wider metaverse world acting as a sort of community bridge for the gaming ecosystem and its economy, which will feature NFTs and crypto rewards.

Their goal is clear: to create an engaging ecosystem that’s packed with fun and interaction, while also tackling current issues gamers are facing.

MMG is being designed to reward players for their dedication and commitment in any of the games that will launch within the ecosystem (there are currently several in development), granting them MEMAG cryptocurrency as well as control of many aspects of the games. Through an unrestrained economic system, they can swap digital inventory and currency with “Gems” rewards that are convertible into real money or items inside the games.

By constructing a fair and transparent platform, MMG seeks to both eliminate unjust practices and perfect the gaming experience. To start this journey, they are creating Meta Kart Racers–a game with two modes: Player vs Player and single-player–available on mobile platforms. Additionally, the company plans to continually add other cutting-edge Web3 games into their ecosystem, many of which are already in development.

Crypto investors are piling into MMG’s MEMAG token presale launch, which has already amassed an impressive $1.38 million in contributions.

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Kava (KAVA)

This year started off strong for KAVA, with the crypto rallying a remarkable 94.78% in the first two weeks of 2023. In recent days, it has been trading sideways and consolidating above its 100-day EMA as short-term EMAs catch up with prices.

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Coupled with its Coinbase listing on January 19, this cryptocurrency has the potential to keep pushing further to the upside after a consolidation period, pending favorable wider market conditions. The immediate resistance for KAVA is the 100-day EMA at $0.9977 in confluence with the previous support area of $0.9510 to $0.9750. Its immediate resistance area is around $1.066 to $1.142.

If the price successfully breaks out from this area, the next resistance target is $1.3440 to $1.3570 for an additional 18% move.

Fight Out (FGHT) a Fit for High Tech Fitness Enthusiasts

Fight Out, a soon-to-launch gym chain and cutting-edge move-to-earn fitness app based on Web3 technology is working hard to make the fitness industry more connected and engaging. Not only will the app help create exclusive workout plans tailored to each user’s needs, but it also incentivizes its users with REPS tokens for completing their goals–encouraging them to stick with their plan while earning money along the way. This move-to-earn (M2E) app was designed by an experienced team of professionals vetted by CoinSniper.

Fight Out is looking to disrupt the fitness industry with its state-of-the-art fitness centers that will feature interactive amenities like “mirrors” to display member profiles and use sensors for real-time feedback on exercises–making exercising far more engaging.

The ambitious project has already enlisted renowned athletes such as Amanda Ribas from the UFC and Savannah Marshall, former WBO middleweight champion as part of its ambassador program.

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Fight Out is ready to make a major impact in the years ahead, and with its dedicated team of specialists, it’s easy to see why. Investors can currently take advantage of Fight Out’s presale event–with bonuses of up to 50% on investments over $50K. Already achieving more than $3.4 million raised signifies that this project has plenty of momentum as launch time nears. Only hours remain before the presale switches to stage 2 and the price of tokens increases, so now is a good time to take a position if you feel called to join the fight for a more interesting workout experience.

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RocketPool (RPL)

RocketPool (RPL) is a decentralized Ethereum staking protocol run by its community. It allows users to stake ETH within a network of decentralized node operators that have complete autonomy, backed by RPL collateral. RPL is the native token of the RocketPool platform.

RPL was recently listed on Binance, causing an uptick in trading activity for the cryptocurrency. It posted a gain of 15.48% on January 20 and since then it has been trading sideways.

As of writing, RPL’s price is at $36.97 as it has experienced rejection from the horizontal resistance of $37.65 and the psychological resistance of $38 throughout the day. Plotting a Fibonacci retracement level in its hourly timeframe could reveal significant levels where the price may react.

The immediate support for RPL is the 100-hour EMA at $36.71 followed by the FIB 0.786 at $35.79. The immediate resistance area is between $37.65 to $38 in confluence with the FIB 0.5 level at $38.20. If the price successfully breaks out from this area, the next target is the FIB 0.236 level at $40.42.

With the price contracting and low volume in the hourly candle, a move is due for RPL, and that move could be bullish or bearish, so if you decide to take a position, set your stop losses, and remember: don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

C+Charge (CCHG) Bringing Real Utility to Blockchain: Making it One of Best Cryptos to Buy Today

On its mission to make the EV charging market better, C+Charge is introducing a groundbreaking peer-to-peer payment system and rewards program for EV drivers utilizing blockchain technology. The platform will simplify charge station transactions for electric vehicle owners by providing incentives in the form of CCHG tokens when they use the app–making it simpler than ever before for EV drivers to power up their cars.

C+Charge is the ultimate solution for EV owners who are looking for a secure, efficient system to track and authenticate their charging sessions. Its use of smart contracts ensures that payments occur accurately and promptly while its token’s high demand signals promise for the rewards program.

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Now is the ideal chance to get your hands on C+Charge’s sustainable crypto CCHG tokens at an exclusive, starter rate of $0.013 USDT per token before they are priced up over three steps and reach a final price of $0.02350.

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