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Best Crypto to Buy Now in the Move to Earn Crypto Sector

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The FightOut (FGHT) presale has now raised over $1.8 million, barely three days after it began. This early figure stands as an impressive endorsement for FightOut, which is a move-to-earn platform that rewards users for participating in workouts and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Running on the Ethereum blockchain, FightOut’s innovative Web3 app is due to launch in the second quarter of 2023, and it will feature on-demand workout classes and live sessions which can be attended in-app or at local FightOut gyms, with workouts including weight-training, mobility, yoga, meditation, boxing, and many more. Its comprehensiveness provides it with an excellent launchpad to do great things within the growing move-to-earn sub-sector.

Best Crypto to Buy Now in the Move to Earn Crypto Sector

That FightOut is a promising platform has already been provided evidence by the fact that its sale has raised over $1.8 million in around three days. This works out at around $600,000 per day, implying that it will reach $10 million in roughly two weeks. 

It’s also worth pointing out that FightOut raised over $1 million in a short seven-day private sale which closed just before its current public sale opened. Again, this shows that bigger investors have confidence in the new platform, and its token.

To participate in the sale, interested investors need only head over to fightout.com and connect either their WalletConnect or MetaMask wallets. From there they can buy FGHT, with the current rate being 60.06 FGHT for 1 USDT.

FGHT tokens have a total maximum supply of 10 billion. 60% of this quantity has been allocated to the ongoing presale, with 10% going to liquidity for exchange listings and 30% earmarked for rewards and development.

On top of this, the sale has a rewards program whereby investors receive bonuses of up to 10% for purchases of at least $500, as well as bonuses of up to 25% for investments of $50,000 or more. There’s a vesting period for all presale investors that lasts for three months, after which their coins will be released for them to use as they see fit.

In terms of its features and fundamentals, FightOut has plenty to recommend it. Much like move-to-earn platforms such as STEPN, it will reward users for activity, yet in its particular case the range of rewarded activities will be much wider.

Indeed, users will receive rewards for their participation in a variety of gym workouts and sports. These rewards will come in the form of FightOut’s other native token, REP, which can be used to buy in-game items and remote workouts with trainers.

Speaking of remote workouts, FightOut will also provide technique-focused courses, beginning with its boxing course (but eventually expanding to other sports and activities). Such courses will comprise an in-app video series in which elite-level coaches run structured programs teaching users the fundamentals of their chosen sport, with users finally able to attend ‘grading’ sessions at FightOut or affiliate gyms to earn the corresponding FightOut attainment badge. 

In addition, the FightOut app will also feature a strong social element, involvoing shares, follows, status updates and community-shared workout programs. Such features will serve to incentivize and motivate greater participation, in the process helping users to achieve their goals.


As for the platform’s tokenomics, these will see FightOut use a subscription-based model, with fees payable in either FGHT or REP. As such, these two tokens will become more in-demand the more popular the app becomes, potentially leading to a steadily rising price.


And promisingly, FightOut already has over 27,000 followers on Twitter, despite opening its account as recently as October. This suggests that there is demand for what it’s offering, as also indicated by the speed with which it has been able to raise money. 

It also indicates that FGHT could experience significant gains once it lists, with exchange listings planned for the first quarter of next year. Based on other notable token sales this year, it could see rises of over 1,000% compared to its presale price.

Given the ongoing bear market, such returns obviously aren’t guaranteed. But with an exciting combination of features and a clear roadmap, FightOut is definitely one to watch in the growing move-to-earn space.

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