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Best Crypto to Buy Now – MetaBlaze (MBLZ) Builds Gaming Metaverse with Play to Earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance & More

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A New Approach to P2E Crypto Game Development

Crypto investors and traders are constantly on alert for the shiny new projects and this article will explore why MetaBlaze is the best new cryptocurrency to buy now. Finding the best cryptocurrency to buy can be a daunting challenge. Rapid growth and change are a common trend in emerging tech industries. The world of cryptocurrency, especially play to earn crypto gaming is no different.  

However, designing quality games takes time. AAA games can take years being conceived, and this is even before tangible development begins. This makes it challenging for game developers to keep their players interested and engaged in NFT games. Some of the most popular tokens in the crypto gaming industry, like Illuvium (ILV), have suffered severe price dumps due to investors losing patience with development.

How can project teams develop games to earn crypto while avoiding the seemingly inevitable rotation dump as investors jump to new projects? What can developers do to ensure their players and investors remain engaged and interested in their game? A revolutionary new platform has found the solution. Introducing MetaBlaze!

What is MetaBlaze?

MetaBlaze is a vivid and dynamic play to earn crypto ecosystem designed to be increasingly engaging and immersive. In the MetaBlaze game-world, a diverse range of interstellar factions compete for survival in Galaxia Blue. Enigmatic and dangerous, the Galaxia Blue universe was devastated in a cataclysmic event that rocked the very foundations of the galaxy.

The MetaBlaze universe features groundbreaking innovations that will revolutionize crypto gaming. Instead of drawing out game development over many years and testing player and investor patience, the MetaBlaze team has opted for a more exciting approach. Within the Blaziverse, MetaBlaze’s dedicated dApp (decentralized application,) players will be able to join a frequent stream of interlinked mini-series NFT games.

Blaziverse games promise to be diverse and captivating. Not only will they bring exceptional utility to MetaBlaze NFTs, they will also help to sustain momentum and excitement within the MetaBlaze community. Instead of waiting years to play a single game, MetaBlaze players will have the opportunity to explore an entire ecosystem of immersive games. The first installment in the series of games to earn crypto, MetaMinez, is just around the corner.

MetaBlaze NFTs are packed with utility, and will drive the story as players discover the rich and complex worlds of Galaxia Blue. As the universe deepens and more games are released, new utilities for MetaBlaze NFTs will be unveiled. However, the first generation are hinted to be invaluable. For example, MetaRoyals will earn perpetual royalties from every subsequent sale of other MetaBlaze NFTs, like MetaGoblins on the secondary market.

MetaGoblin NFT Collection
MetaGoblin NFT Collection

This revolutionary approach to developing a crypto gaming ecosystem is designed by the elite, doxxed team behind MetaBlaze. Combining decades of experience in the industry and passion for rewarding players, the MetaBlaze team is primed to usher in a new paradigm in blockchain gaming and reimagine the potential of play to earn crypto games.

MetaBlaze RPG

The MetaBlaze RPG is the ultimate AAA crypto gaming experience, will combine all aspects of the Blaziverse and develop a rich world of different factions and earning potential for players. 

The jewel in the crown of the MetaBlaze ecosystem will be the ultimate game of the Blaziverse. Each game installment leads players to the cornerstone of the MetaBlaze universe. The MetaBlaze RPG is the complete crypto gaming experience and will combine aspects from all previous NFT games into an AAA title of epic proportions. 

As the Magnum Opus of the MetaBlaze ecosystem, the MetaBlaze RPG will allow players to explore the untamed vastness of Galaxia Blue. Gamers will be rewarded for completing enthralling quests, building empires across the cosmos and forming powerful alliances with other passionate crypto gamers and investors alike. 

Each character will be represented as a unique NFT that possesses unique characteristics, attributes and skill sets, that will help (or hinder) players as they forge for dominion and legacy in the living history of Galaxia Blue. Wars will be waged, empires will be built and toppled in this breathtaking space odyssey.

The Backbone of MetaBlaze: $MBLZ

At the heart of the player experience is the MetaBlaze economy, a revolutionary rewards system that aims to reward gamers for exploring the many regions of the Blaziverse. Unlike other NFT games in the crypto gaming industry, MetaBlaze has conceived a refreshing new angle on common play to earn crypto mechanics.

$MBLZ, the native token of the ecosystem, is the lifeblood of the MetaBlaze economy. It features unmatched utility in the Blaziverse dApp. What separates MetaBlaze from other games to earn crypto is that MetaBlaze games don’t reward players with $MBLZ. In the past, play to earn crypto games have been plagued by hyperinflationary native token rewards. These rewards have proven time and time again to be unsustainable, resulting in cascading sell pressure and ponzi death spirals. 

To avoid this catastrophe, MetaBlaze concocted an inventive reward structure that pays out players with popular blue-chip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Binance (BNB). This abolishes sell pressure on the $MBLZ and helps to stabilize and support the ecosystem.   

In addition, $MBLZ is deflationary and boasts a variety of creative burn mechanisms that work to permanently reduce its supply and naturally increase its value. All token contracts have also been audited by Certik to ensure investor security. Due to the wide-ranging utilities of the $MBLZ token, MetaBlaze promises to be a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem that retains its value regardless of wider market conditions.

The MetaBlaze Presale

A few final spots onboard the last ship for Galaxia Blue remain. So far, the $MBLZ token presale has been a resounding success. There is an informative article recently published guiding users on How to Buy MetaBlaze Presale. Despite general unrest in the global cryptocurrency market, MetaBlaze has successfully raised over $3 million USD through token sale to early community members.

Participating in the presale is advantageous for early supporters of the MetaBlaze ecosystem. $MLBZ is an essential part of the MetaBlaze experience and will be beneficial in all future NFT games. Joining the presale gives investors the opportunity to secure an allocation of $MLBZ tokens before they’re publicly traded on the open market.

To reward supporters, presale buyers are given an additional 5% token bonus and a discounted price and contributors purchasing $2,500 or more, will receive a MetaGoblin NFT, set to mint on OpenSea NFT Marketplace on October 15th. While $MBLZ will launch at a price of $0.0002, those who join the presale can snap up cheap tokens at a reduced price of $0.00015069. Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on discounted $MBLZ and visit https://metablaze.xyz/. Unite with over 2,000 other excited contributors investing in the future of play to earn gaming.

MetaBlaze aims to provide a stream of profound, enriching and immersive games that keep players coming back for more. While other titles in crypto gaming lose players due to tedious waiting periods, MetaBlaze offers continuous momentum and excitement. The dynamic and ever-changing Blaziverse is redefining what players expect from NFT games. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, interlinked Blaziverse games will help clear the path and build hype for the ultimate play to earn crypto experience, the MetaBlaze RPG.

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