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Best Crypto to Buy Now 27 April – MultiversX, Conflux, Cardano

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 12 min read

The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a puzzling episode as the crypto total market cap underwent a sharp decline of $100 billion on Wednesday, only to witness a swift recovery.

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, saw its value dip to a low of $27,000, while Ethereum fell to $1,700.

How might this unusual market volatility affect the selection of the best cryptos to buy now?

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The cause of the market’s sudden drop and subsequent rebound has been a topic of much discussion.

Reports suggest that Arkham, a prominent blockchain analytics firm, issued an alert regarding suspicious sell-offs linked to wallets from the infamous Mt. Gox debacle and wallets under government control.

Interestingly, the market’s decline had already begun before the alert was publicly disclosed.

The timing of the alert, which coincided with the market’s lowest point, has fueled speculation regarding the factors that influenced this unusual market behavior.

The market’s rapid recovery following the alert has left participants in the cryptocurrency community puzzled.

Some speculate that the rebound was a result of market participants viewing the sell-off as a temporary anomaly.

Others suggest that significant purchases by institutions and algorithmic trading activity may have contributed to the market’s sudden rise.

The alert from Arkham, which mentioned the Mt. Gox incident and activity in government wallets, seems to have been a key factor in the market’s reaction.

For context, Mt. Gox was once the dominant Bitcoin exchange before its collapse in 2014 due to a major security breach.

Since then, the potential sale of assets from the defunct exchange has periodically raised concerns, leading to anxiety in the market.

Additionally, wallets controlled by governments often provoke concerns about regulatory interventions, which can further impact market sentiment.

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Following a turbulent Wednesday, Bitcoin seems to be attempting to regain its footing, with its value climbing back above the $29,000 threshold.

At the time of writing, the leading cryptocurrency is exchanging hands at $29,511, reflecting an increase of 3.79% so far today.

Notably, Bitcoin even approached the $30,000 milestone, registering an intraday peak of $29,895.

Market participants and observers are now keenly monitoring the digital asset’s trajectory, contemplating whether this positive price movement will persist.

While some remain optimistic about Bitcoin’s recovery, others are cautious, considering the possibility of a recurrence of the previous day’s erratic cryptocurrency market behavior.

Despite the recent challenges and unpredictability in the cryptocurrency market, there are still opportunities for people looking to diversify their portfolios.

AiDoge, MultiversX, LoveHateInu, Conflux, ecoterra, Cardano, and DeeLance are some of the best cryptos to buy now based on fundamentals and/or technical analysis.

Memes Meet AI: The Rise of AiDoge and Its AI Token Presale

AiDoge, a decentralized meme-generation platform, has made a remarkable entrance into the cryptocurrency market with its recent presale launch.

Within moments of the presale’s initiation, the project garnered a substantial sum of $105,000, reflecting the eagerness of participants to be part of this unique venture.

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The essence of AiDoge lies in its ability to harness artificial intelligence (AI) to craft memes based on textual cues provided by users.

The platform’s design is centered around the concept of virality, making it a powerful instrument for generating widely adored memes.

The initial stage of the presale offers the $AI token at a rate of $0.00002600, with plans to introduce it on exchanges at $0.00003360.

The confluence of AI technology and meme culture has created a favorable climate for AiDoge’s debut.

Cryptocurrencies such as Pepe Coin, Conflux, The Graph, and Singularity have demonstrated the potential for substantial returns, and AiDoge’s swift presale progress suggests a similar appetite for AI-driven meme projects.

Beyond its financial appeal, AiDoge offers practical value through its user-friendly meme-generation process.

Utilizing AI technology akin to ChatGPT and DALL-e, the platform transforms text prompts into memes with ease and speed.

The algorithm’s training on a vast collection of memes and crypto-related news ensures the production of relevant and high-quality content.

To foster creativity, AiDoge has implemented a reward system for top meme creators. Memes are showcased on a public wall, where users can vote for their favorites.

High-ranking memes earn AI rewards for their creators, with increasing rewards as the community expands.

The AI token serves multiple purposes within the AiDoge ecosystem, including purchasing credits for meme generation, staking for rewards, and incentivizing community engagement.

With a fully audited smart contract, AiDoge offers a secure platform for its users.

Participants can acquire AI using Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, or traditional payment methods.

Visit AiDoge Now


MultiversX (EGLD) has captured the attention of traders as the cryptocurrency recently registered an intra-day high of $49.80.

The price movement was marked by EGLD’s attempt to break out from the Fibonacci 0.236 level, which aligns with the horizontal resistance zone of $48.98 to $49.93.

The sharp increase in EGLD’s value came on the heels of its listing on Upbit, South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

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Despite the initial upward momentum, EGLD has since retraced to just above the Fibonacci 0.5 level.

As of writing, EGLD is priced at $43.93, reflecting a modest gain of 5.73% so far today.

The 20-day EMA stands at $40.97, while the 50-day EMA is at $41.80, and the 100-day EMA is at $42.71.

These EMAs suggest that EGLD is currently trading above its short-term and medium-term averages, indicating bullish momentum.

The RSI currently reads 59.98, up from yesterday’s 52.31, suggesting that buying pressure is increasing and the asset is approaching overbought territory.

The MACD histogram, which measures momentum, has risen to 0.20 from yesterday’s -0.09, signaling a shift in momentum in favor of the bulls.

In terms of resistance levels, EGLD faces immediate resistance at the Fibonacci 0.382 level at $45.96, followed by a more formidable resistance zone at the Fibonacci 0.236 level at $49.19, which coincides with the horizontal resistance area of $48.98 to $49.93.

On the support side, the immediate potential support level is the Fibonacci 0.5 at $43.35, which could provide a cushion for EGLD in the event of a pullback.

EGLD’s technical indicators suggest bullish momentum, supported by a rising RSI, a positive MACD histogram, and increased trading volume.

While EGLD faces resistance levels ahead, the current indicators point to the possibility of further upward movement. 

FLove Hate Inu’s Vote to Earn Mechanism Makes LHINU One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Now

Love Hate Inu is capturing attention as well with its blend of meme coin appeal and practical utility.

The project, which integrates a blockchain-backed voting mechanism to reward participants, has garnered a notable $7.8 million in its presale phase.

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Love Hate Inu (LHINU) has swiftly gained traction, amassing $7.8 million through its inventive vote-2-earn platform.

The platform merges meme coin tokenomics with blockchain-powered voting, leading to a unique approach to doing surveys.

Central to LHINU’s success is the Vote 2 Earn method, which leverages social media virality by involving online communities in spirited debates on a range of topics.

Users of the platform will be granted access to a system that compensates them for expressing opinions on subjects spanning politics, entertainment, social matters, and finance.

The use of blockchain technology ensures vote results are tamper-proof, providing a transparent and secure experience.

The project’s potential to disrupt the $3.2 billion online survey industry has piqued the interest of backers.

Carl Dawkins, CEO of Love Hate Inu and advisor to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Crypto and Digital Assets, expressed confidence in the LHINU token presale exceeding its $10 million hard cap.

Dawkins also cautioned against copycat projects and urged due diligence before investing.

The Love Hate Inu platform encompasses key features, including a user interface for wallet connectivity and real-time vote tracking, a Vote Submission Platform for poll proposals, and a Management Dashboard for monitoring voting.

The LHINU token is central to the project, unlocking vote-to-earn mechanics.

To partake in polls, users must stake LHINU for a minimum of 30 days, preventing spam and vote manipulation.

The ecosystem incentivizes participation, with greater rewards for higher stakes. The first Love Hate Inu poll offers a chance to win $10,000 for participants.

Brands can also initiate polls, rewarding participants with digital and non-digital goods.

Love Hate Inu incorporates non-fungible token (NFT) technology and has a deflationary supply of 100 billion tokens, with 90% offered in presale.

With fundraising progressing swiftly, time is limited to acquire LHINU at its lowest prices.

The token is currently priced at $0.000135, and it will rise to $0.000145 in the final presale stage.

Purchases can be made using ETH or USDT, and there is no vesting period for the token.

With only $370,000 left to raise in Stage 7, now is the moment to acquire one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Visit Love Hate Inu Now

Conflux (CFX)

After bouncing off a key support level at $0.2732 on April 23, CFX has been on a steady upward trajectory, marking its fourth consecutive green candle.

The token has successfully reclaimed the Fibonacci 0.5 level at $0.3101, indicating a potential continuation of the bullish trend.

The 20-day EMA is currently at $0.3361, which is above both the 50-day EMA at $0.3193 and the 100-day EMA at $0.2569.

This alignment of EMAs suggests that the short-term momentum is favoring the bulls, and the token could be poised for further gains.

The RSI has also shown a positive shift, moving from yesterday’s 45.97 to 49.20 today.

Although the RSI is still below the 50 level, which is considered neutral, the upward movement indicates that buying pressure is gradually increasing.

Traders should keep an eye on the RSI as a break above 50 could signal a stronger bullish momentum.

The MACD histogram provides additional confirmation of the bullish trend.

The MACD Histogram value has improved from yesterday’s -0.0081 to -0.0050 today, indicating a reduction in bearish momentum.

As the histogram approaches the zero line, traders should watch for a potential bullish crossover, which would serve as a strong buy signal.

CFX is currently trading at $0.3345, with a gain of 4.56% so far today.

The immediate resistance level to watch is the Fibonacci 0.618 level at $0.3520. A break above this resistance could open the door for further upside, with the next target being the 20-day EMA at $0.3361.

On the downside, the immediate support is the Fib 0.5 level at $0.3101.

However, if this support is breached, traders should look for the next established support at the Fib 0.382 level at $0.2682.

This level is in confluence with the previous support area ranging from $0.2618 to $0.2733, providing a strong defense against potential bearish pressure.

ecoterra’s Recycle2Earn: Incentivizing Sustainability and Carbon Offset with Crypto

The quest for sustainable solutions to combat climate change has garnered global attention, with diverse stakeholders, including governments, individuals, and businesses, joining forces.

The cryptocurrency space is no exception, as it embraces and contributes to eco-friendly initiatives.

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Among the plethora of green cryptocurrency projects, ecoterra has distinguished itself.

The carbon credits market, which is anticipated to reach a valuation of $50 billion by 2030, according to a McKinsey report, presents a promising outlook for projects like ecoterra.

The 2021 McKinsey report sheds light on the carbon credits industry’s potential to transform corporate and organizational approaches to climate change.

While many entities strive to minimize or eradicate emissions, carbon credits offer a viable means to address residual emissions.

These credits symbolize considerable volumes of greenhouse gases that have either been averted or extracted from the atmosphere.

The voluntary carbon credits market has witnessed a surge in demand, necessitating a larger, transparent, verifiable, and environmentally sound carbon market.

The existing intricate and segmented market must evolve into a more inclusive model.

ecoterra, among other initiatives, may offer solutions to the challenges ahead.

ecoterra leverages Web3 technology to promote and reward eco-friendly practices such as recycling and tree planting.

The Recycle 2 Earn app, ecoterra, aims to incentivize users with cryptocurrency for recycling waste.

The platform encompasses recycling, a recycling marketplace, education, and a carbon-offsetting marketplace.

ecoterra’s presale phase has successfully raised over $2.5 million, with 50% of the ECOTERRA tokens, approximately 1 billion, allocated for presale.

Visit ecoterra Now

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) has been exhibiting a strong bullish momentum in the past 24 hours, as the cryptocurrency continues to build on its recent gains.

After consolidating from April 21 to April 26 above the Fibonacci 0.5 level at $0.3799, ADA experienced a breakout from the Fibonacci 0.382 level at $0.3993 yesterday amid increased market volatility.

This bullish momentum was carried forward into today’s trading session, with ADA currently up by 2.62% so far today.

Notably, the cryptocurrency retested the resistance area of $0.4187 to $0.4213, registering an intraday high of $0.4186.

Examining the technical indicators, the 20-day EMA is currently at $0.4021, which is above both the 50-day EMA at $0.3882 and the 100-day EMA at $0.3756.

The fact that the 20-day EMA is above the longer-term EMAs further indicates that the bulls are in control of the market.

The RSI is currently at 54.70, up from yesterday’s 51.25. This indicates that buying pressure is increasing, and ADA is gaining bullish momentum.

The MACD histogram is currently at -0.0038, up from yesterday’s -0.0053.

Although the MACD histogram is still in negative territory, the upward movement indicates that bearish momentum is weakening, and a bullish crossover could be imminent.

The trading volume for ADA, according to CoinMarketCap, stands at $418,334,657 in the past 24 hours, representing a decrease of 9.73% so far today.

Despite the decrease in volume, the positive price movement suggests that the bulls are still in control.

At the time of writing, ADA is trading at $0.4120, with an immediate resistance area between $0.4187 and $0.4213.

This resistance area is in confluence with the Fibonacci 0.236 level at $0.4233, which could pose a challenge for the bulls.

A successful break above this resistance area could signal a continuation of the bullish trend, potentially targeting higher price levels.

On the downside, immediate support is found at the Fibonacci 0.382 level at $0.3993. This level has previously acted as strong support, and a break below it could lead to a short-term bearish reversal.

DeeLance: Empowering Freelancers with Decentralization, NFTs, and the Metaverse

The freelancing industry is witnessing rapid expansion, with independent contractors constituting approximately 38% of the global workforce.

Organizations are increasingly engaging freelancers for their agility, cost-effectiveness, and flexible delivery schedules.

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DeeLance, a Web3-based freelancing platform, seeks to address the limitations of traditional hiring platforms, such as high fees, intellectual property concerns, and delayed payments.

DeeLance’s blockchain-based platform aspires to enhance the freelancing industry by fostering transparency, autonomy, and prompt execution.

The platform offers advantages such as reduced costs, prompt refunds, and fraud prevention.

DeeLance’s core principles include ownership, simplicity, transparency, and efficiency, achieved through competitive fees, swift payment processing, and a secure escrow system.

DeeLance’s multifaceted ecosystem, powered by Web3, employs smart contracts to ensure timely payments and task completion.

Work is represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to establish intellectual property rights.

Additionally, DeeLance is developing the first freelancing-focused metaverse, where virtual interactions facilitate hiring and collaboration.

The platform’s native token, DLANCE, is gaining traction in its presale, with over $497,000 raised so far.

Investors can acquire DLANCE now at $0.029 and it will debut on exchanges at $0.053.

DeeLance’s presale presents an opportunity to partake in the transformation of the freelancing sector. DLANCE is one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Visit DeeLance Now