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Best Crypto to Buy Now 18 May – Decentraland, Axie Infinity, XRP

Trent Alan
Last updated: | 12 min read

Bitcoin’s price has once again dipped below $27,000, indicating a slight selloff in the broader cryptocurrency market.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $26,632 and experiencing a loss of 2.83% so far today.

Other major cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB), are also experiencing a decline, with losses of 1.94% and 1.64%, respectively.

Despite this negative volatility, there are still opportunities to be found in the cryptocurrency market.

In taking into account solid fundamentals and technical analysis, several cryptocurrencies have shown promising potential for investors to diversify their portfolios.

AI, MANA, SPONGE, AXS, ECOTERRA, XRP, and YPRED are some of the best cryptos to buy now.

AiDoge: Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Memes

AiDoge, an AI-based meme generation platform, has gained the attention of market observers with its impressive presale performance.

Within a few weeks of its launch, the presale has already accumulated over $9.3 million in funds.

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Throughout the last two weeks, an average of approximately $500,000 has been pouring in on a daily basis.

It seems likely that the presale cap of $14.9 million will be attained in the coming weeks, demonstrating an impressive achievement within a month’s time.

Multiple esteemed crypto news platforms are already placing AiDoge among the most exciting crypto presales of the year.

Its current presale price stands at $0.0000308, hinting at potential gains when it lists across major cryptocurrency exchanges at $0.0000336.

AiDoge is also constructing a new social platform that introduces a fresh concept in the crypto sphere.

By merging memes and artificial intelligence, AiDoge will introduce an AI-engineered tool for meme generation.

Users can utilize AiDoge’s generative AI technology to create memes and receive cryptocurrency rewards based on the popularity of their creations.

In a bid to protect the rights of meme creators over their content, the underlying blockchain technology of the AiDoge platform will serve as the security layer.

The community can then vote on the posted memes, following which the platform’s mechanism promotes the top memes and rewards their creators with $AI tokens.

The $AI token will establish its value by functioning as the native currency within AiDoge and can be used for generating memes, staking, and rewarding active community members.

As attention once again turns to the meme coin market, AiDoge is one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Positioned among meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Pepe (PEPE), which lack utility, AiDoge’s $AI token is a potential contender to watch.

Combining memes and AI in a unique way, AiDoge’s $AI token has the potential to disrupt the meme coin market and open up new opportunities for investors and creators alike. 

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Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) has been swept up in broader market pressures, resulting in a downward price trend.

After finding temporary support in the $0.4341 to $0.4510 range, MANA enjoyed a short but noticeable climb in value over the last four days but has since faltered, meeting formidable resistance at the Fib 0.236 level, situated at $0.5310.

Today, MANA is seeing a loss of 3.48% so far, aligning with the larger crypto market selloff.

Key technical indicators provide a mixed bag of signals.

The 20-day EMA is sitting at $0.5003. This suggests an immediate level of resistance just above the current price of $0.4909.

The 50-day and 100-day EMA, sitting at $0.5407 and $0.5659 respectively, indicate a possible downward pressure in the medium to long term, as their values are notably higher than the current price.

The RSI stands at 44.19. This is a slight downturn from yesterday’s 48.52, indicating that the selling pressure may be beginning to outstrip buying pressure.

However, this price is not yet within the typically recognized ‘oversold’ range below 30, indicating there could be room for further price drops.

The MACD histogram has moved up to 0.0045 from 0.0033 yesterday.

This could suggest some bullish momentum building in the background, but investors should treat this with caution given the broader bearish signals.

Volume, a vital measure of the activity and liquidity of an asset, is also down 55.13% according to CoinMarketCap.

A significant decrease in trading volume usually signals decreased interest from traders, potentially leading to increased price volatility.

For traders, the key levels to watch would be the Fib 0.236 resistance at $0.5310 and the horizontal support range of $0.4341 to $0.4510.

A clear break above the resistance level could signal a potential bullish reversal, while a break below the support range may indicate further price drops.

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$SPONGE: One of the Best Crypto to Buy Now as It Competes for OKX Listing

SPONGE is currently competing to secure a position in a highly anticipated competition organized by OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange.

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The purpose of this contest is to identify and showcase the most popular meme coins within the community, with the ultimate prize being a coveted spot on the exchange platform.

SPONGE is among the many contenders vying for this recognition, hoping to prove its worth as a top meme coin and gain exposure to a wider audience of investors.

$SPONGE’s steadily expanding community, which consists of 43,600 Twitter followers (@spongeoneth) and 21,000 Telegram members, is anticipated to significantly contribute to the competition.

Already visible on eight different exchanges, including MEXC and, $SPONGE could experience a substantial increase in visibility and consequently its value with more listings.

In the OKX meme coin voting event, $SPONGE is listed among five contending meme coins for the title of community favorite.

Coins that gather over 5,000 votes are given priority for listing.

The voting process starts at 6:00 am UTC on May 17, 2023, and concludes at 2:00 am UTC on May 22, 2023, with OKX set to disclose the results at 6:00 am UTC on the same day.

To partake in voting, users are required to deposit more than $10 worth of a competing token to their OKX accounts during the voting period.

Votes can be cast for multiple tokens. OKX has planned to list the top two tokens based on the total votes each project garners, with a third token being listed if it receives 5,000 votes or more.

Projects that reach 5,000 voters or more are given preference for listing. Any projects meeting the OKX deposit requirements will be listed on OKX as quickly as possible.

Unfair or malicious voting practices will result in the invalidation of the implicated votes.

$SPONGE holders can also take advantage of a $20 $SPONGE token giveaway taking place on Gleam.

$SPONGE holders need to register at OKX, complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, take a screenshot proving KYC completion, and upload it to Gleam along with their $SPONGE deposit address.

As the voting period for the OKX meme coin competition comes to a close, the $SPONGE community remains hopeful for a successful outcome.

With a steadily growing following and multiple exchange listings, securing a spot on the OKX platform would be a significant achievement for this popular meme coin.

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Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity, the digital collectible game with an embedded economy, has launched its strategy card game ‘Origins’ on iOS devices.

This move makes Axie Infinity the first to use an externally purchased Non-Fungible Token (NFT) via the App Store.

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Sky Mavis is the game developer behind ‘Origins’, and its arrival on iOS has generated excitement in Latin America and Asia.

‘Origins’ is available in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and is expected to inspire other crypto-integrated games.

‘Origins’ available on iOS is part of Axie Infinity’s global expansion, which has triggered a surge in its token price within a few hours.

Axie Infinity’s ($AXS) price, however, has been volatile. At the moment, the AXS token is trading at $6.99, reflecting a 4.51% decrease so far today.

A week-long analysis shows a 0.43% rise in the AXS price, while monthly figures exhibit a decline of more than 25%.

The availability of ‘Origins’ on Apple’s App Store led to a quick rise and subsequent dip in the AXS coin price over the past day.

The value of AXS tokens fluctuated between a low of $6.89 and a high of $8.50 for the past two days.

Although it briefly touched its 100-day EMA, the AXS price has since retreated to its current support level of Fib 0.786 at $6.92. The immediate resistance level is at Fib 0.618 level at $7.26.

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Recycle2Earn: How ecoterra’s App Incentivizes Recycling and Environmental Impact

ecoterra, an eco-conscious recycle2earn cryptocurrency, has recently achieved a new milestone by raising over $3.97 million so far in its presale.

With the app’s launch set for later this year, investors are encouraged to act swiftly to secure tokens at the current lowest price.

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ecoterra’s Recycle2Earn app is a unique offering that promotes environmental impact actions and incentivizes recycling.

ecoterra has made significant progress towards its goals, having successfully completed Stage 7 of its nine-stage process.

$ECOTERRA token is currently valued at $0.00850. As the project moves towards Stage 8, the token price will increase to $0.009250.

ecoterra’s Recycle2Earn app is a unique solution that rewards people, non-profits, and corporations for engaging in eco-friendly activities.

It will offer a tangible way to mitigate the impacts of environmental degradation and climate change.

ecoterra’s app offers more than just a means of incentivizing eco-friendly behavior.

It will also be a marketplace for recycled materials, connecting businesses with recycling entities and promoting transparency in the recycling industry.

This serves to facilitate the adoption of eco-friendly practices by corporations and promote a more sustainable future.

ecoterra has also started to integrate global brands like Vittel, Pepsi, and Heineken into its scannable database of recyclables.

This integration will provide app users with the opportunity to earn rewards for recycling branded products, further incentivizing environmentally friendly behavior.

Together, these features make Ecoterra a comprehensive solution that not only promotes environmental sustainability but also facilitates economic success and corporate responsibility.

ecoterra’s presale represents a rare opportunity to invest in a revenue-generating project that seamlessly blends economic success with ecology.

By prioritizing sustainability and promoting recycling, the $ECOTERRA token is considered one of the best cryptos to buy now, as it represents a promising step towards a more profitable and environmentally conscious future.

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Ripple (XRP)

XRP, the digital currency created by Ripple, has been gaining significant traction in South Korea’s cryptocurrency market.

According to CoinMarketCap’s latest data, XRP has overtaken Bitcoin as the most actively traded asset on Bithumb, one of South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency platforms.

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The XRP/KRW trading combination on Bithumb accounted for 27% of the platform’s overall volume, equivalent to a value of $39,672,616 as of writing.

This surge in trading volumes has propelled XRP to the top of the leaderboard, pushing Bitcoin into second place.

XRP trading activity is also on the rise on Upbit, South Korea’s top cryptocurrency exchange, where the XRP/KRW pair accounted for 18.40% of trading volumes, totaling $160,735,898.

Korbit, another South Korean digital currency platform, has also experienced a similar trend.

The XRP/KRW pair accounted for 47.07% of Korbit’s trading volume, equivalent to $1,736,413.

The increase in XRP trading activity on these three leading exchanges in South Korea has been driven by the token’s recent price hike, which coincided with the latest developments in the Ripple-SEC legal dispute.

District Judge Analisa Torres recently ruled that documents related to a 2018 speech by the former SEC Director of Corporation Finance, William Hinman, should not be sealed.

This development has sparked optimism among legal professionals and the XRP community that the Ripple-SEC legal entanglement, which has been ongoing for more than two years, maybe approaching a resolution.

Recent developments have caused XRP’s value to surge by over 5%.

However, due to a broader sell-off in the cryptocurrency market, this increase has now been reduced to a modest 0.60% at the time of writing.

XRP’s current resistance level stands at the Fib 0.5 level of $0.4709, while its support level may potentially be found at the Fib 0.618 level of $0.4438.

Despite the market turbulence, XRP has shown resilience, with a 5.14% increase in value over the past seven days.

It will be interesting to see how XRP’s value evolves in the coming days as the cryptocurrency market continues to experience volatility.

It is not surprising to see a surge in XRP trading volumes on cryptocurrency platforms, as South Korean traders are known for contributing to rallies in digital tokens.

This shift in the trading landscape highlights the fluidity of the cryptocurrency market, with XRP leading the charge in South Korea’s active crypto trading scene.

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yPredict Positions AI-Traders for Success; One of the Best Crypto to Buy Now

With the fast-paced nature of the cryptocurrency and AI markets, investors are quickly jumping at the chance to be a part of yPredict’s AI-powered trading and market intelligence platform by investing in their crypto token, $YPRED.

This cryptocurrency is the native token of one of the most popular crypto presales of the year, which has already raised over $1.2 million and is currently in stage 5.

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At this point, the urgency to invest is increasing, as when yPredict’s fundraising reaches $1.632 million, the $YPRED presale will move to stage 6, causing the token price to increase from $0.07 to $0.09 per token.

With the speed at which funds are being raised, stage five may close out within a week.

The following presale stages will raise the $YPRED price to $0.11 before being listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges in Q3 at $0.12.

The excitement surrounding yPredict’s platform is due to its promise to disrupt the trading industry with an AI-powered crypto price prediction system.

As more investors and traders turn to AI to navigate the volatile crypto markets, analysts predict a bright future for both yPredict and its $YPRED token.

To harness the potential of AI in predicting market trends, yPredict’s platform uses advanced predictive models and data insights developed by leading market experts and AI developers.

The goal is to provide market participants with an “unbeatable edge” through a variety of AI-powered signals, breakouts, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis.

The platform will also allow experts to earn passive income by offering their model predictions or data research to other users as trading signals for a subscription.

The $YPRED token operates on the Polygon blockchain, facilitating low gas fees and swift transactions.

To access premium features, users pay a $YPRED-denominated subscription fee, of which 10% is distributed to existing token holders, incentivizing holding and reducing market sell pressure.

$YPRED holders can also stake their tokens in pools to reap monthly rewards.

Analysts have praised yPredict’s fair tokenomics, with 80% of the total token supply of 100 million made available during the public presale, reducing the possibility of a rug pull.

The rest of the tokens are allocated to liquidity (10%), treasury (5%), and development (5%). Investors can purchase $YPRED using ETH, MATIC, BNB, or credit cards.

With the growing adoption of AI and the continued expansion of the crypto market, yPredict and its $YPRED token have a promising future ahead. 

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