12 Sep 2022 · 3 min read

Best 3 Cryptos for a Balanced Portfolio in July: Fortrex: Colors Duel (MAGG), Ethereum (ETH), and Algorand (ALGO)

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The cryptocurrency market continues to grow every day with new tokens entering the market every day. It becomes tiring to keep track of every new token in the market and every update happening in an ecosystem. However, due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to be aware of and understand such changes. This article discusses three cryptocurrencies that could potentially provide huge returns in the future. Read on to know more about the new entrant in the market -Fortrex: Colors Duel (MAGG), and the potential updates in the Ethereum (ETH), and Algorand (ALGO) ecosystems.

Here’s how Fortrex: Colors Duel is creating utility for its users

Fortrex: Colors Duel aims to set up a community of GameFi enthusiasts to develop and enjoy diverse, fun and addictive games at the crossroads of gaming and DeFi.

The MAGG governance token was launched to provide voting power to buyers inside the platform. The platform allows users to acquire random rewards inside the gaming ecosystem for free.

The presale of the MAGG token will be the best time to purchase the token at very attractive prices. The total supply of the token is set at 100,000,000 tokens. A major advantage of holding onto MAGG Tokens is that users will be able to get a share of the revenue in proportion to their wallet holdings. To prevent an instances of rug pulls, the tokens sold will be subjected to a vesting period of 4 months. This would help protect all buyers and will ensure greater transparency in the long-term.

The second token of the platform, the CAT, is intended for players. The CAT tokens earned during each game by the players can be easily swapped for other tokens.

Fortrex: Colors Duel believes that its users should experience a unique and smooth gaming experience first and then use that experience to earn money through the platform. Inside the gaming ecosystem, the players are rewarded bonus CAT tokens according to their rank. Users will also be able to access an NFT marketplace and easily monetize their earnings.

Ethereum platform all set to launch zkSync 2.0

zkSync2.0, the first ever Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible zero-knowledge rollup created by Matter Labs will be launched on Ethereum within the next 100 days. zkSync2.0 is believed to solve the scalability issues and half the cost of transactions on the network. It inherits all security features of the Ethereum ecosystem. Ethereum uses blockchain technology to build apps and organisations and hold, transact assets and communicate with one another without being controlled by a central authority. The user has control over the data shared. Ether (ETH), the native token of the platform can be used for payments within the ecosystem. The private internet, a peer-to-peer network established by Ethereum will get even more attractive to the current and future crypto investors with the addition of zkSync2.0.

Drone Racing League comes to Algorand

The Drone Racing League in partnership with Playground Labs is building a virtual version of the famous and thrilling Drone Racing League on Algorand. It will be a great opportunity for game enthusiasts to play and earn incentives like NFTs which can be used both within and outside the game. By playing the Drone Racing League, you stand to win digital assets like digital racing drones or a pair of digital clothes and so on. The crypto-based, play-to assets, obtained through the games can be used outside the platform through metaverse Or can be traded for cryptocurrencies, like ALGO on secondary marketplaces. ALGO is the native token of the Algorand platform and was ranked 20th on the Forbes list of most influential digital assets. Algorand uses proof-of-stake consensus which has helped reduce the carbon footprint and is one factor which makes it the most sought-after crypto token. It is energy efficient and is home to various decentralized apps, DeFi projects, and the metaverse.

Learn more about the Fortrex: Color Duels Token:

Website: https://fortrexcolorduels.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FortrexCD

Telegram: https://t.me/+JM5F1xFwRbAyYzE0