BEFE Coin Surges 45% in Anticipation of Upcoming Presale




The meme coin king, BEFE, has been riding the presale rally from investors and enthusiasts across the cryptosphere. Indeed, by gaining more than 45% over the past month, the meme coin is generating excitement in anticipation of its upcoming presale. As the presale of BEFE is live, analysts noted that witnessing the true potential BEFE brings to the blockchain industry, investors are getting on the ground floor of the promising project.

BEFE presale fueling its recent rally

The masterminds behind the meme coin king BEFE have designed some significant strategies that helped the token grab all the attention in the digital world. Although since its establishment, the meme coin king witnessed several price milestones, its presale is now fueling its rally to surpass all OG meme coins in the industry.

The presale is structured in phases, with big marketing planned. As per the latest updates, the launching of the presale on Solana blockchain the meme coin king is amid a multiphase presale where the 5th phase is live. Cleverly structured to reward early investors, BEFE offers a limited supply of tokens at a progressively increasing value.

Notably, each phase of the presale has a soft capitalization of $10k and a hard capitalization of $50k. With the minimum and maximum amount that needs to be raised for the phases to be successful, four phases are already closed. Where in Phase 1 with the price of $0.01 the phase reached its soft cap. In phase 2 with the price of $0.02, the presale raised $40k. In the 3rd Phase, with $0.04, the presale raised $25k. In the 4th Phase, with a valuation of $0.055, the presale raised $38k.

The 5th phase is ongoing at $0.075, with Phase 6 being anticipated to launch at $0.085 per token price.

BEFE price analysis

As the presale of BEFE began, the price of the meme coin king began to surge significantly. Notably, the launch of one of the top 5 blockchains has added another layer of interest. Being fueled with the presale, the meme coin king’s rally is skyrocketing with significant gains. Surprisingly, analysts have suggested that all the technical indicators and price oscillators of BEFE price are showing bullish sentiment.


Based on classical pivot point, BEFE has support levels of $0.000493, and the strongest at $0.000454. Similarly, BEFE resistance levels are at $0.000779. 


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