BEFE Coin Set to Skyrocket: Experts Predict 800% Price Surge

April 10, 2024: the golden date that every meme investors is looking forward to. The reason being the launch of meme coin BEFE on the SOL chain, which will hopefully give the coin a surge of 800%. But is this the only reason why investors are predicting BEFE’s bright future? Let’s see.

Reasons Backing BEFE’s 800% Surge

Apart from BEFE’s upcoming launch on the SOL chain, there are other reasons fuelling the prediction of the coin’s 800% surge. Leading the list is its ongoing presale event, which has kept investors hooked to the coin. So is the craze of the BEFE presale event that in phase 5, the ongoing phase, traders have staked their SOL coins for the project. 

Apart from the presale buzz, the coin is also garnering attention due to the announcement of listing it on three different exchange platforms. Unlike other meme coins, BEFE is already available on both ETH and BSC chains via Uniswap and Pancakeswap, respectively. It is also available on the MEXC exchange platform. The availability of the coin over different platforms fulfills the needs of diverse investors. Moreover, the diverse availability also helps it in reducing gas costs, improve transaction speed and efficiency.

Since BEFE is a utility token, it is given away as a reward to investors who stake their BRISE coins. This exchange of coins helps investors earn more BEFE through Bitgert, thus fuelling the growth of the former. 

BEFE’s Performance Analysis

BEFE is currently, i.e., on April 1, 2024, standing at $0.0004682. It clearly shows a fall of 5.47% in the past 24 hours. In fact, the coin’s weekly stats also show a dip of 24.58% whereas the monthly percentile of the coin is at a hike of 2.97%. Though it is experiencing a moderate behavior in the market, it still has potential to cross the 800% surge as predicted by experts. 

As per Coincodex, BEFE currently has a volatility of 12.98% with a fear and greed index score of 79 (meaning it falls under the “extreme greed” category) and a 14-day RSI of 48.90. The reason for the fear and greed index being in the “extreme greed” category can be due to the FOMO effect that major investors are facing right now. The fear of being left behind in the BEFE wave is pushing traders and crypto maniacs to participate in the presale launches and earn BEFE through staking BRISE, various giveaways, and airdrop events. Though all indicators are stating “bearish,” the upcoming days will decide the coin’s near future scenario. It is better for investors to wait and observe BEFE’s performance before making a decision.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.