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Beeple Generator, NFT Skin, and Non-Fungible Lego Mystery

Tim Alper
Last updated: | 3 min read

If you fancy becoming the next Beeple but don’t have a creative bone in your body, help could be at hand…well, sort of. Or maybe you want to wear an NFT on your hand while playing with a Lego NFT? Let’s explore what is all about.

ELONGATE, a new work by Beeple. Source: Twitter / @beeple

First, after raising over USD 69m for a non-fungible token (NFT) in the biggest digital art sale in history, the artist Beeple has become the talk of the town – so much so that a pair of developers have created an innovative website that lets you churn out your own Beeple-esque works at the mere click of a mouse button.

Vince McKelvie and Sam Newell, the masterminds behind have designed a site that lets you bash away at a button with each click forcing its algorithms to come up with a new Beeple-like piece of digital art. If you stumble across one you like, you can choose to render it – and then perhaps take it off to a digital platform of your choice to hawk it for obscene amounts of crypto. tried its hand at this, and came up with images of a chained-up Patrick the Starfish from SpongeBob SquarePants, what appeared to be a gigantic eggplant adorned with protruding satellite dishes and a naked man dangling a golden token emblazoned with the bitcoin (BTC) logo in front of a dog galloping through a desert – before giving up. Perhaps you will have better luck.

And in a uniquely mind-bending NFT twist, the site is actually a giant NFT – and is available for sale after its current owner bought it on the Zora platform.

A Redditor summed up the experience succinctly with a repurposed quote from Frank Herbert, an American science-fiction author best known for his novel Dune, writing,

“Is this a Dune reference? I see NFTs within NFTs…”

If even this isn’t enough to quell your NFT passion, you can now wear one on your wrist – courtesy of a company named Watch Skins, which develops tradeable watch faces for smartwatches like the Apple Watch.


Although this project is actually one of the longer-running NFT projects, and even exhibited at CES before coronavirus lockdowns put an end to these sorts of events. Per Cryptoart, its founder filed a patent application in November of 2018 and founded the firm in 2019.

And as if to convince you that you really are living in a fever dream, Lego may also looking to be get in on the act. Or perhaps it was about to and then had second thoughts.

In a recent video, the YouTuber Ashnflash discussed a “super-weird teaser that was posted by Lego today and then removed.”

The tweet read “zeros and ones but still a brick” and ended with the hashtag #NFT – and was accompanied by a video of a spinning 3-D Lego brick that glitched before ending. It was pulled down unceremoniously shortly after with no explanation.

Quick-fingered internet users captured the mysterious videos before Lego took it down, and the net is now abuzz with Lego fans and sleuths trying to work out if the iconic toymaker, too, is really planning to leap aboard the already-crowded NFT bandwagon.

Is Lego really going to release an NFT? That really would be a block-headed plan! wishes you a happy weekend. (P.S. Tomorrow, March 27, on this website of crypto news, read about what NFTs and money laundering have in common.)

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