Become A Member of An AlphaTeam and Earn Rewards With ChainWars

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ChainWars, a brand new Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG) with an exciting and ever-evolving story, has taken the initiative to launch an alpha version of the digital collectible card game. The GameFi niche hasn’t been around for long however, in its short time, it has received a lot of traction and has won the hearts of so many individuals. Many GameFi projects have won the heart of individuals by either rolling out appealing features or creating a well-structured team. ChainWars is one project that combines both to make a long-lasting impact on the crypto sphere.

Value Proposition of ChainWars

ChainWars is a unique GameFi project created in June, 2021. Its core product is a digital collectible card game (DCCG) with a game-breaking twist: all cards and even more in-game assets are tokenized (NFTs) and are therefore tradable. This feature makes players true owners of their in-game assets, an attribute that should not be undervalued. It brings an open market to the players that can be utilized for different motives such as trading, investing, or creating a solid deck of cards to play the game and climb the rankings. This carries the decentral identity of blockchain and is unthinkable in the current mainstream gaming community.

In the last few months, it has crushed a lot of notable achievements which include:  setting fundamental partnerships and forming a firm community base, launch of ChainWars’ native token Chain Wars Essence ($CWE), launch of ChainWars alpha and beta, and the release of ChainWars Official trailer.

The Future of ChainWars

The team plans to initiate the $CWE buy-back event soon, introduce liquidity to MoonLift as well as PancakeSwap, begin developing the land game, obtain listings on various centralized as well as decentralized exchanges, and provide staking possibilities too..

Having established the NFT marketplace and spending the initial part of this year largely focusing on expansion, testing, and patching the game, the ChainWars team is ready to explore the future with you. ChainWars is on the verge of releasing an alpha version of the game and holding the first NFT sales. Once these two boxes are checked, they can be combined: many NFTs will be necessary to play ChainWars.

For this, an Alpha Team that comprises a group of motivated gamers experienced and communicatively competent enough to provide the team with sufficient feedback, will be formed. Adjustments and refinements will be made based on the feedback and data reports collected. The community stays alive as it  gets the opportunity to participate in the forming of the game!

All efforts will be rewarded. Efforts are measured by tracking data such as playtime, accurate bug reports, and other successful/helpful requests and tips. All rewards are in $CWE. If you wish to participate and earn rewards for yourself, please fill in the form in this link.

A maximum of 300 participants will be accepted initially, additional spots will be available over time as the game progresses.

About ChainWars

ChainWars is a GameFi project that is mainly driven by its community and plans to operate on a large scale. It strives to effectively mix the principles of a trading card game with that of blockchain technology, opening up new avenues for interaction with in-game goods, features, and services. NFTs are also used as in-game cards, and players may trade them on ChainWars’ marketplace. Due to this functionality, players become the genuine owners of all items obtained. The official currency of ChainWars is CWE/Chain Wars Essence, which has already been released. Aside from that, crucial collaborations and a strong support network have similarly been developed, and the game’s alpha release has already occurred too.

Finally, ChainWars aims to bring together gamers, investors, and anybody else interested in crypto. The bulk of this platform is built and maintained by the community and governance structures. For more information and regular updates, see the official website, whitepaper, Telegram, Medium and Twitter channels.

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