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Become An Advanced User in Crypto With Bit4you

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If you are interested in cryptocurrency but do not know how to start, or you are an advanced crypto trader and want to expand new horizons, bit4you crypto exchange platform will provide you with the most useful information and tools. Bit4you offers a great range of crypto-assets you can trade and exchange without fees at any convenient time. Also, the obvious advantage on your way to becoming a pro in the crypto world is the bit4you Demo mode. Let’s go into details of each particular advantage of bit4you.

Demo mode

As you already know, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and unpredictable. Traders and investors, who just are at the beginning of their way on the crypto market, may be confused with the amount of information. Demo mode on bit4you was launched especially for customers, who would like to know more about the crypto market and how cryptocurrency works, but do not want to spend money on losses. How does Demo mode work? There is nothing complex: you register your Demo account on bit4you, then you get $100 000 of virtual funds. After that, the magic begins: you can buy more than 20 cryptocurrencies and expand your crypto portfolio, trade, exchange, buy and sell all cryptocurrency you want without limits and restrictions. Demo mode is a powerful instrument for any trader or investor, that allows you to test various strategies and choose your best one before going into real trading and investing. You can combine different methods of trading and the result may appear unpredictable. Who knows, you may invent a new strategy to trade, the most profitable you could ever use. However, it is the best option for you to trade and invest in cryptocurrency when you know how the market works, its pitfalls, and its features.

Cryptocurrency diversity and helpful tools

If you already have an account on bit4you, read its educational articles, and visit the charts page. But before making your first deal, you should be sure about the currency to choose. The point is, the profit of the trader depends on many factors and information he or she takes into consideration. Before going into trading with real funds, you can get a detailed description of each cryptocurrency presented on bit4you and read articles and all necessary information about it in the news section. There are 24 crypto-assets presented on the platform to trade and exchange, so you probably will choose your favorites. Recently, two more promising cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Polkadot have become available on bit4you. You can test its advantages in Demo mode and add these new coins to your crypto portfolio, choose and test strategies you prefer. Also, bit4you provides the section with daily news of the crypto world. It is vitally important for a trader to be able to make predictions based on what is going on in the world. Analyze fundamental factors such as economic and political situation, use charts, graphs, and indicators, follow the notifications provided by bit4you, and you will become an advanced player in crypto-assets.

However, crypto trading and investment is not an easy thing, but if you have a great desire, then nothing is impossible. The main recommendation is to test different trading and investment strategies, currencies with Demo mode and analyze all the information given in graphs and news on bit4you.