Beatles-inspired Fab Four Gear: How their Genesis VIP Pass NFTs are a Golden Opportunity

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

There are always new NFTs launching all the time which promise value in the name of uniqueness. In fact, there’s hundreds of such NFTs. There are many people new to NFTs who do not understand Cryptokitties and Cryptopunks. The Beatles-inspired Fab Four Gear NFT collection redefines the meaning of rarity and actually bids up the value for that reason.

Initially, the Beatles were a guitar and drums band. During the course of their career, every member became a multi-instrumentalist. Many of their instruments were lost, stolen or destroyed over time and the very few remaining ones will never again reunite and sit in one single collection. The collector of Fab Four Gear spent decades collecting period-correct and extremely rare instruments exactly like the ones the Beatles used and plans to display those instruments in a brick-and-mortar museum in the future. In the meantime, Fab Four Gear is using photogrammetry to turn those physical instruments into digitally scanned 3D images and mint those on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Their first release is a golden opportunity. It consists of a total of 4444 NFTs called the “Genesis VIP Pass” with the first 10% (444) of these buyers (“Diamond Hand” holders) enjoying exclusive benefits including the following:

  • The buyers will be added to the alpha Discord channel
  • The buyers will be able to mint 44 minutes prior to the next drop at a lower pre-sale price
  • First access to Gallery Opening and Events
  • Yearly Raffle for only Genesis VIP Pass holders
  • This Long-term Backstage Pass will have many more benefits continuously added

These Fab Four Gear NFTs are the first of their kind and although all Fab Four Gear NFTs have value and each NFT drop is rare in itself, the Genesis VIP Pass “Diamond Hands” NFTs are a premium collectible. The “Diamond Hands” will retain prime and priority buyer status for the lifetime of the project. 

As noted on their roadmap, Fab Four Gear has many events and projects lined up and, in addition to a physical museum, they are creating an ArtVerse where they invite and collaborate with artists of every level and many genres. Being an analyst, I see huge potential in this project however for a music lover a ton of value lies in the collectibles and beyond.

Minting will take place through Fab Four Gear’s website. Stay up-to-date by joining their Discord and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.