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Battle Infinity Unveils Exciting Ambassador Program for Indian Students at IT UTSAV 2023 – Revolutionizing Fantasy Sports Platform Experience

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 3 min read

Wednesday 12th April 2023  – Today, Battle Infinity, a play-to-earn fantasy sports platform within the metaverse multiverse, unveils its innovative Battle Infinity Ambassador Program at the prestigious IT UTSAV tech event.

Thousands of students from six of India’s top universities will be in attendance for the pitch from the Battle Infinity team. 

Students compete in programming competitions and other events to win prizes. They will also be able to sign up for the Battle Infinity Ambassador Program.

This news follows fresh from the release of Battle Infinity Whitepaper 2.0, which provides a first glimpse of the IBAT Premier League and unveils new features such as hybrid signing in.

While the development team is working flat out to deliver the IBAT Premier League, there’s now the opportunity to take part in its new Ambassador Program. 

So, in addition to staking their IBAT tokens to earn a generous APY of up to 25%, community members can now, for the first time, join the Ambassador Program.

Introducing the Battle Infinity Ambassador Program

Battle Infinity wants to reward its loyal customers who have already done so much to inform the crypto world about Battle Infinity. 

The introduction of a dedicated Ambassador Program provides an incentivized pathway for spreading the word about the Battle Infinity family of products. 

The Ambassador Program is open to all, be they college students, bloggers, or content creators.

A wide variety of perks and rewards await are on offer to Battle Infinity Ambassadors, providing a chance to showcase skills and earn valuable incentives. 

Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build their own network of people who share the same passion for gaming and technology.

Benefits of becoming a Battle Infinity Ambassador

Gain early access

Battle Infinity Ambassadors are the first to to be informed about new products and beta versions of Battle Infinity’s products. 

Ambassadors are the first to try out new features and functions, giving them an advantage over other gamers.

Earn rewards

Tell other people about Battle Infinity’s platform to receive rewards. Each Ambassador is paid $5 for every person referred. 

The person referred will also receive $5. 

This is a great opportunity to evangelize for Battle Infinity among your network of family members, friends and work colleagues and be rewarded for those endeavors.

Networking opportunities 

Ambassadors receive special invitations to events and the opportunity to meet new people, expand their network and learn from experts in the Battle Infinity community. 

Product shaping

By providing feedback, Ambassadors will play an important role in helping to shape Battle Infinity’s products. 

Ambassador feedback and suggestions will directly impact on how Battle Infinity designs and builds its product development roadmap. 

In this way our Ambassadors are key stakeholders in making sure that the project meets the demands and expectations of our gamers.

Join a community 

Ambassadors will be a part of a growing community of gaming and technology enthusiasts. This is a great chance to work together, learn from each other and grow as a community.

How to become a Battle Infinity Ambassador

Register to become an ambassador 

Complete the application form on the website to be considered for the Battle Infinity Ambassador Program. 

We invite influencers, bloggers, content creators and college students to join our exclusive community and spread the word about our brand.

Perform tasks and showcase your skills

Once you’ve been accepted into the program, Battle Infinity will assign tasks that will allow Ambassadors to demonstrate their abilities and promote Battle Infinity. 

These duties may include social media content creation, blog post writing and event hosting.

Submit links

Submit links of completed tasks on the Ambassador dashboard once completed. 

This will allow Battle Infinity to monitor progress and reward Ambassadors appropriately.

Earn rewards for your efforts

The more individuals an Ambassador refers to Battle Infinity, the more rewards an Ambassador will receive. 

For each new customer an Ambassador refers, they and the customer will each receive a $5 credit in their respective wallets. 

In addition, Ambassadors will gain early access to upcoming releases and beta versions of Battle Infinity products, as well as invitations to exclusive events and networking opportunities.

Here’s the breakdown of all the Ambassador perks

  • Ambassadors receive $5 for every referral made, and the person referred will also receive $5
  • Early access to upcoming releases and beta versions 
  • Exclusive invites to events and networking opportunities 
  • Rewards for referring new customers to the platform 
  • Opportunity to shape products by providing feedback 
  • Be part of a growing community of like-minded individuals 

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