03 Oct 2022 · 1 min read

Battle Infinity Rockets Past $4 Million in Staked IBAT Tokens – Here’s Why it Can Go to The Moon

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After the launch of Battle Infinity’s new staking protocol, the new play-to-earn cryptocurrency platform has received over $4 million worth of staked tokens. With the potential to earn up to 25% APY by staking Battle Infinity’s IBAT, this new token is expected to continue increasing in price in 2022. 

Battle Infinity Staking Platform Launch

On 24th September 2022, Battle Infinity’s Twitter handle tweeted announcing the launch of the IBAT Battle Stake - this decentralized platform’s staking protocol. One of the best play to earn games, investors can leverage Battle infinity to participate in NFT-based sports fantasy leagues and purchase digital avatars from an NFT marketplace to earn in-game rewards. 

This cryptocurrency project settles transactions and rewards players with IBAT - the native cryptocurrency. One of the best proof of stake platforms in 2022, Battle Infinity’s new staking protocol offers high-yield earning opportunities through flexible or locked staking.  

Flexible staking allows investors to stake IBAT and earn 12% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Notably, flexible staking means that tokens can be unlocked at any given time. Investors can earn higher returns by locking up IBAT. For example, 30-day lock-up period results in 14% APY. The APY will increase to 17% for 90 days, 20% for 180 days, and as high as 25% for a 360-day lock-up.

Will IBAT Token Go to the Moon? 

Currently, more than 40% of all IBAT tokens circulating are locked in the Battle Stake. With a lesser supply of IBAT available to purchase, higher demand can lead to an increase in price. Earlier in August 2022, Battle Infinity conducted a successful presale after collecting 16,500 worth of IBAT in just 24 days. The project's multiple use cases make it one of the best long-term cryptocurrency investments. 

Currently trading at $0.0032 per token, IBAT is already more than 200% above its presale launch price of $0.0015. As staking on Battle Infinity continues to increase, many more investors may be interested in earning high passive income yields by purchasing IBAT.

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