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Battle Infinity Just Listed on This New Crypto Exchange – IBAT Token About to Blast Off?

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Battle Infinity’s native IBAT token is set to list on the MEXC exchange this week. The digital asset will experience a significant surge in investor exposure and liquidity due to its MEXC listing.

IBAT Set For MEXC Listing 

Earlier this week,  Battle Infinity developers confirmed that they are set to list the platform’s native IBAT token on the MEXC centralized exchange. The listing date has been set for November 8, with MEXC users able to access both spot and futures trading of the digital asset.

Despite the asset’s presale and availability for over a month, this is the first major exchange to list IBAT. Prior to this, IBAT has only been available on PancakeSwap and LBank. 

As expected, investors are currently excited as IBAT could be the latest digital asset to benefit from a major exchange listing. These moves tend to benefit new coins; as far as exchanges go, MEXC is one of the largest. The platform caters to over 10 million customers worldwide, with a daily trading volume of $3.6 billion as of press time.  

IBAT will also be given to MEXC users in the form of a trading competition and an airdrop. Battle Infinity’s developers confirmed this in their announcement, stating that the token’s airdrop will be implemented at 9:00 (UTC) on November 11, with 1.65 million IBAT tokens up for grabs. 

Build the Perfect Team & Win

Battle Infinity makes it possible for sports fans to earn money while speculating on the performances of their favorite players and teams. 

On the platform, players are transported to the IBAT Premier League. Here, they purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing some of their favorite athletes. Players can buy multiple NFTs, build teams, and implement strategies to win. 

NFT values and team points in the IBAT Premier League will vary based on the performances of individual athletes. At the end of the season, the team with the highest point tally will be declared the winner, and the player will also receive IBAT tokens. 

Besides winning games, IBAT can also be earned through staking. Holders can stake their tokens to earn up to 25% annually, which makes it one of the best return traits in the market. 

With Battle Infinity, there are multiple opportunities to make money. 

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