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B2Trader, the Matching Engine from B2Broker, Receives New Update with Stop Order Feature

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Stop order functionality has been added to B2Trader, B2Broker’s flagship platform. With the new update, the B2Trader system now offers even more valuable features in addition to already existing standard features such as spot FX and cryptocurrency trading. As a result, end users will have access to additional tools that will assist them in managing their trading strategies and protecting their investments. With the addition of stop orders, B2Broker is continuing to provide its clients with a comprehensive suite of products and services.

Stop Orders Feature

From now on the B2Trader matching engine allows brokers to offer their clients the possibility to use both limit stop orders and market stop orders. This feature is available in all packages and can be applied by users to any trading instrument available in the market. Such a solution will undoubtedly help users to facilitate the trading process by making it more flexible and convenient and giving more control over the placement of orders.

When the market moves against the trader, stop market orders are used to limit losses or take profits. A stop limit order is used to determine when you should enter the market at a particular price or when you should exit the market when it reaches a specific level. Having said that, you can enter either order as a pending order, triggered when the market moves to a specific price.

Two prices are used to place stop limit orders: the stop price and the limit price. In the trading, the stop price refers to the price at which the order will be triggered, and the limit price  to the price at which the trade can be executed at either the maximum or minimum price. The limit order will be filled only if the market price is within the limit price and if the market price reaches the stop price.

A new feature of B2Trader is the ability to place stop orders with either the buy or sell buttons on the order entry screen. As of now, the charting interface allows the user to place stop orders directly.

Final Thoughts

B2Broker is pleased to launch a new update with the possibility to use stop orders. Being one of the most powerful and popular matching engines on the market, B2Trader has become even more convenient and flexible thanks to the stop orders feature. In the future, users will receive even more updates that will make B2Trader an go-to trading tool for both regular traders and professional brokers.