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B2Core iOS v1.20 x cTrader: New Era In Mobile Trading Standards

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B2Core is dedicated to providing its users with a smooth and effective customer experience. The company is well-known for its strong trading and CRM tools, and it always innovates to meet the changing needs of its corporate and individual clients. The solution is making major progress with the release of the Version 1.20 iOS app, mainly because of its integration with cTrader, a platform that has established industry standards in Forex and CFD trading.

Let’s take a closer look at the many well-considered improvements that this update, which goes beyond cTrader, offers to improve the trading experience.

What is cTrader?

One of the best multi-asset CFD and FX platforms available today is cTrader. It has gained popularity as the platform of choice due to its sophisticated charting capabilities, quick trade execution, and easy-to-use interface.

Well-known throughout the world, cTrader offers a wide range of features to suit traders of all skill levels. Among its many features are algorithmic trading, copy trading, and comprehensive market data. However, what really distinguishes cTrader is its dedication to openness and trader-centric methodology, guaranteeing that users always have the resources and data they require at their fingertips.

Why cTrader Integration Matters for B2Core App Users

For its users, the inclusion of cTrader in the B2Core app ecosystem is revolutionary. The reasons are the following:

Streamlined Trading Process

Users of the iOS app can now trade more efficiently thanks to the combination of B2Core’s robust CRM technology and cTrader’s advanced trading features. End users can now register, complete KYC, make deposits, withdraw money, and open accounts on cTrader, MT4, and MT5 with the B2Core mobile application. All operations, including trading on cTrader, can be accessed through the app.

The trading process is made simpler, and the user experience is improved by this centralised approach, eliminating the need for traders to navigate various apps.

To elaborate, traders are able to make well-informed decisions because of the comprehensive understanding of market behaviour that the depth of market function provides. Additionally, real-time charts enable users to spot market trends and changes quickly.

Real-time P&L Display

Users’ ability to view their Profit and Loss (P&L) in real-time is one of the standout features introduced by the integration. Traders are always aware of how their decisions affect their profit and loss (P&L) because they are updated on their open positions. This guarantees that traders are always informed about their trading performance and enables them to make prompt decisions based on reliable data, along with the ability to review graphs and the grouping of instruments.

Effortless Account Management

It’s never been simpler to manage a trading account. Users are always prepared to take advantage of market opportunities because they can easily add funds to their accounts with a few clicks. Moreover, the integration makes it easier to access trading session schedules and view order history, among other account management functions.

Advanced Trading Opportunities

The users’ trading opportunities are expanded beyond the standard forex offerings with the addition of support for CFD asset class trading. Traders have access to a wide variety of assets, including stocks, indices, and commodities.

B2Broker’s broad range of liquidity solutions powers this integration.  B2Broker offers Prime of Prime Institutional Liquidity Packages at both Advanced and Enterprise levels, which include liquidity for over a thousand instruments and cover everything from platform setup to risk management and continuous support.

Further Enhancements for an Optimised User Experience

Even though the cTrader integration is the update’s main feature, other B2Core platform features are also guaranteed to receive improvements.

The company updated the “trading pairs” widget, streamlining the design for effective trading pair selection and execution as part of its ongoing effort to improve performance. A more efficient and user-friendly trading experience is ensured by this targeted approach.

To further improve financial transaction transparency, the app now displays currency limits for both deposits and withdrawals.

Additionally, the MT4 interface has been improved, especially with regard to calendar date interactions and how the “FROM” date is set on the MT4/5 terminal.

To ensure accurate and consistent tracking of support tickets, the Helpdesk has also updated ticket statuses. With this improvement, users can now clearly monitor their support queries, streamlining their interactions and ensuring prompt resolutions.

Final Remarks

A testament to the company’s dedication to offering the best trading experience possible is the integration of cTrader and B2Core. The company is optimistic that its users will value this feature-rich update, establishing new industry benchmarks.