07 Dec 2021 · 5 min read

B2BinPay: An Advanced Crypto Processing System Gets A Massive Update

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B2BinPay: An Advanced Crypto Processing System Gets A Massive Update

H1: B2BinPay Has Launched a New Version of the Leading Crypto Payment Solution

B2BinPay is a first-class solution for fast and straightforward crypto payments. Since its inception in 2017, it has amassed a large customer base and collected many industry accolades. This said, B2BinPay is the most in-demand crypto payment instrument. Recently, developers presented version 2 with many improved and brand-new features for executing high-speed financial operations. First, the latest edition of B2BinPay has a new user-friendly interface with an extensive range of options for performing different tasks (creating deposits, checking transactions, withdrawing, etc.). This is why customers can access the top-notch crypto processing option that combines cutting-edge technology and advanced features for the best payment experience.

The Primary Purpose of B2BinPay 

The high-end option is designed for sending, getting, exchanging, and accepting payments from any country in a matter of minutes. All operations execute safely and securely. Moreover, our options let business owners try the total capacity of crypto payments and the significant advantages of such a payment method.

The Brand-new Solution For Any Business

The second version of B2BinPay is a first-class tool that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments and more top coins. You can also exchange Fiat, Crypto, or Stablecoins into other currencies. Supporting digital currency payments is a great way to extend the consumer base and overtake competitors. With B2BinPay, users can try all the advantages of the famous crypto gateway and pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and many other popular cryptocurrencies. All operations in the system are divided into 4 stages: Invoice, Payment, Conversion, Settlement.


Business owners that decide to start cryptocurrency business can easily convert their digital assets into cash by getting payouts via Wire Transfer. This method is available for USD and EUR via the most popular and secure payment systems (SWIFT, SEPA, and Faster Payments). Moreover, users can create payouts in top Cryptos and Stablecoins. B2BinPay converts consumers' payments into the specified currency after blockchain validation. You can choose from two features: Easy Exchange (for settlements in another currency) and Actual Exchange (for sending one coin and getting another directly into the e-wallet).  

Bank Withdrawal

This option allows you to set a single settlement or schedule a string of regular withdrawals depending on your requirements. Fast and convenient payouts are the main feature of the B2BinPay. It enables you to get paid in currencies that are different from the wallet currency. Users can straightforwardly withdraw their assets from the system after passing the company's KYC/AML procedure.

An Impeccable Tool

B2BinPay is a top-notch crypto processing tool made by B2Broker, a leading industry's liquidity aggregator and payment service provider with an EU license. Two features of an award-winning solution are worth noting: a single unified API for multi-chain systems that enables users to execute a fast and straightforward integration via Rest API. The cutting-edge technology allows business founders to integrate third-party instruments for invoicing, acquiring, and transaction management. You can exploit the turnkey payment page or integrate it with your business via the feature-rich API. Further, the integration process is totally secure as it performs in a specific testing environment. It reduces the risk of bugs and ensures using the most sustainable feature on the crypto market.

What Are the New Features?

B2BinPay takes your business to a new level; it offers companies some new functionality for the best payment experience. The following options are the most prominent...

Transfer Speed Monitoring

Transaction speed control has become easier than ever — the bigger the commission, the faster the financial operation. You can set a specific amount of fee and test the impact directly in the system.

Notification System

Add an email address in the "Notification addresses" field and get instant email messages about all operations in the system.

Address Book

Save addresses and create fast settlements. All you need is to enter a new address, tick a checkbox and save it in the Address book.

Suspicious Activities Detector

You need to pay due attention to security when you start a business. Our suspicious activities detector allows business owners to get warning notifications about multiple logins from different IP addresses.

Other Security Procedures

2FA is an essential safety measure for the high security of your business. In the case of login, you need to specify your password and enter a specific code generated by the Google Authenticator application. This approach assures you of using the most secure crypto payment solution on the market.

High-end Support

Our customer support wizards are ready to solve any technical queries and provide top-notch assistance 24/7. To access the support, create a ticket in the HelpDesk, add photos or files (if required) and check the request status in the B2BinPay.


The Best Crypto Payment Tool For All Business Models 

Crypto processing can be integrated into any company. You can choose a turnkey option or create a newly made payment service. The top-notch crypto processing instrument covers all businesses, such as White Label Forex and Crypto Brokerages, E-commerce, Dealing Desks, Gambling, E-gaming Industry, Travel, Dating Industry, Investment Funds, Payment Service Providers, and many more.                                                                                                 

To sum up, the 2nd version of B2BinPay incorporates extended functionality and new features for the best payment experience ever. All you need is to pass a quick setup and start accepting cryptocurrency operations. You can integrate this solution into any type of business; it is fast and straightforward! Apply for the leading industry's crypto processing system right now!