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Axion’s Launch Heralds a New Era for Income Investors

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From the earliest days of the cryptocurrency revolution, most observers inside and outside the industry have expected that the new technology would one day supplant traditional financial markets of all kinds. In fact, the primary use case for cryptocurrencies was as a replacement for fiat currencies and a means of conducting secure financial transactions, even in point-of-sale applications. But more than a decade has already passed since the launch of Bitcoin – with few signs of the predictions coming true.

One reason is that most cryptocurrency developers spend plenty of time talking about how traditional financial instruments could be replaced by crypto, but not much time designing crypto solutions that do the job. But by the end of this September, that’s all going to change. That’s when the new Axion cryptocurrency will go public and offer investors a crypto alternative suitable for income-investors.

Put very simply, Axion is more than just another cryptocurrency. It’s a time-locked staking system purpose-built to deliver reliable, predictable return on investment. It’s designed as a crypto-alternative to traditional bank-issued certificates of deposit (CDs), where investors agree to commit their principal for a set period in exchange for a fixed rate of return. But that’s where the similarities end.

What is Axion?

Like a bank-issued CD, Axion requires investors to commit to a staking period at the time of purchase in exchange for a pre-set return. In practice, however, Axion is an income investment that’s superior to traditional CDs in every other way. To begin with, it features an unbeatable return rate of 8%, whereas traditional CDs struggle to deliver a fraction of that. And even better, that return rate is a floor, not a hard limit.

With a bank-issued CD, investors don’t benefit when the underlying investments their money is used for deliver better-than-expected returns. In those cases, the bank keeps any overage and only pays out the pre-agreed rate. That’s not the case with Axion. And a time-locked investment in Axion can – and likely will – deliver returns well above 8% when you add in available bonuses and natural inflationary gains.

How Does Axion Work?

Axion delivers high returns by leveraging a unique technique that capitalizes on the natural price dynamics of the current crypto market alongside an innovative auction and token buyback system. Also, the Axion network features penalties for investors that unstake before their agreed-upon date, as well as for those who fail to divest when their staking period ends.

The penalties are used to feed a daily Axion auction where interested investors can bid in Ethereum for available Axion. Bidders receive a share of the total amount commensurate with their bid’s percentage of the total bidding pool. Then, 80% of the proceeds are immediately used to repurchase Axion from the major exchanges, with the remaining 20% going to fund the operation and ongoing development of the Axion Network. As a bonus for investors, the repurchased Axion then gets redistributed equitably to all existing stakeholders, increasing their total holdings without any additional investment on their part.

In other words, the system works to penalize unexpected sales that might damage Axion’s value while creating a predictable upward inflationary pressure on its own price through daily token buybacks. In that way, Axion is built to ensure that investors receive a reliable income stream that doesn’t come with the significant downside risk associated with stocks and other high-yield securities.

Built with Long-Term Investors in Mind

The Axion Network includes some additional features to make sure it will remain stable and deliver returns year after year. The most important among them is a system of bonuses to encourage long-term investment. This is possible because Axion is providing holders of another cryptocurrency, called HEX, the opportunity to freeclaim their holdings in for an equal amount of Axion. Also, early adopters of HEX2T – Axion’s precursor – will only have a limited time after Axion’s public launch to convert their holdings to the new token via the claim tool on the Axion dApp website.

Since it’s unlikely that every eligible HEX or HEX2T owner will take Axion up on their offer, there will be a pool of unclaimed Axion as a result. That pool will be paid out as an escalating yearly bonus to long-term investors. Stakers will receive a proportional share of the pool, beginning with 10% of it after their first year. Then, the payout increases by 5% each year up to year five. It’s a bonus system that rewards investment longevity by incentivizing investment periods of a year or more while further discouraging early unstaking.

The Bottom Line

Unlike many previous attempts to supplant traditional financial instruments, Axion represents a genuine crypto alternative that’s built to last. And because it’s aimed at income investors, it has the power to become the first crypto project to achieve crossover success in a lucrative mainstream financial market. By offering an unbeatable rate of return and working to tame price fluctuations and volatility, Axion aims to be nothing less than a major crypto investing breakthrough.

And since it’s designed to reward its earliest investors quite handsomely, interested investors aren’t likely to hesitate when Axion goes public later this month. So, expect to hear more about Axion in the coming months as investors flock to it. And don’t wait to decide if you want to stay on the outside looking in or to get in on the ground floor. Because those that choose the latter will be the pioneers of a new crypto-income investor class with a bright financial future ahead of them for years to come.