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Axion – New Staking Crypto With Bitcoin Dividends – Ledgers Giveaway

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.


Axion is all about supporting the crypto community. That’s why Axion is helping investors be more secure by giving away 2 Ledger Nano S hardware wallets every day for the next 30 days.

According to their website, to qualify for the Ledger giveaway you must buy at least $100 of AXN on Uniswap and submit your TXID via a form on their website. If you want to gain an additional +3 entries, you can stake your AXN for a minimum of 350 days. This special promotion ends August 15th, and the Ledgers are branded with the Axion logo engraved on the metal, making it a distinctive hardware wallet to carry around.

Axion is a unique token amongst other crypto staking tokens in the benefits it offers to its staking community. As explained by the tokenomics and economic model via the whitepaper, Axion offers 8% minimum APY paid out in AXN, which is 15x the national average. But what makes Axion more interesting, especially when compared to something like yield farming, is how it distributes liquid Bitcoin dividends 4 times per week (in the form of wBTC) via its daily auction system.

This means that investors can stake their AXN and earn passive income without having to touch or withdraw their principal investment. It’s an excellent way to DCA into Bitcoin as well, and because the dividends are liquid, you can withdraw them to your wallet at any time. There’s no minimum term or amount to qualify, though longer stake terms generate more Shares, which earn better returns. Even in the midst of the recent bearish market conditions, Axion’s staking ecosystem continues to produce dividends, with over 160BTC (over $5 million USD) paid out so far this year to its staking community.

Axion also increased the value it offers to its ecosystem through Axion Launch, offering curated token partnerships that promote Airdrops, Presales, IEOs/IDOs and Fundraisers to the Axion staking community. Some of their most recent Launches included $SKRT, $DIREWOLF, and the exciting new $VABBLE token that launches in a few weeks featuring a $2.3M allocation to the Axion community.

Axion also hit a crypto-first with having over 35% of the available supply being staked for 5555 days, or 15.22 years, by over 4000 individual investors. By locking away their AXN for such a long time, these investors showcase their long-term belief in Axion and in crypto as a whole. In addition, the Longer Pays Better bonus helps them achieve a faster ROI on their investment, earning even more in bitcoin dividends. With 24/7 chat support available on their website, any investors getting stuck have a quick and easy way to get in touch with a dedicated support team.

In addition to the financial benefits Axion offers to its staking community, it features a unique DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting system that allows all investors with a stake over 350 days to vote on important policy changes to the token. They’ve held several recent votes to tweak their ecosystem, including a recent vote to direct a portion of the daily auction proceeds to overall marketing efforts, a bullish sign for the community.

So if you’re looking for a chance to win a free ledger, and want to check out a unique and interesting staking token with a lot of potential, go check out Axion at its website: