13 Oct 2021 · 2 min read

Aviv Aldo the "Robin Hood" of Crypto Trading

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Cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the fastest and most reliable means to become a millionaire in no time. In recent years, crypto tokens have turned millions of people into full-time crypto traders, and Aviv Aldo is one of the expert traders making the most out of the digital token's world. 

Aviv Aldo, an early crypto adopter, first got involved in the crypto world, working as a marketer. Then, in 2011, Aldo and his partner started acquiring domains in Bitcoin to keep their anonymity. 

One of Aviv Aldo’s first successful investments was in Ethereum. At that time, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, convinced people to give him financial support. Aviv Aldo’s friend was one of the first buyers of Ethereum. The digital token was only worth few cents back then. Aviv believed back then that the cryptocurrency world would be the future. He saw it as a new Apple that was going to destroy Nokia and Sony Ericson. 

For the next eight years, he was trading and learning the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency world. Aviv admitted that he had lost quite a bit of money during his early investments. However, he has pushed through it, and he knew that he had to learn the hard way as there weren’t instructors who would teach you how to invest in cryptocurrencies back then. 

As years passed, Aviv has specialized in identifying the following winning coins before they surge in price. His strategy relies on investing in altcoins that get an increase of hundreds of percentages.

As a day-trader, Aviv followed a clear and concise plan that allowed him to become a professional in his field. He developed skills that later allowed him to spot the next winning cryptocurrency ahead of time. However, Aviv’s strategies consist of profiting from each trend once it gets a 5 to 30% increase before moving to the next digital token. Aviv argued that each currency that surges in price should see a correction. Therefore, Aviv makes his step before the big players who drive the market move their money and cause the digital token to lose its value. 

Nonetheless, Aviv stated that several factors contributed to his success in the crypto trading world, including the psychology of trading, news, and predicting the behavior of big game changers “big sharks” in the crypto trading world.

Aviv sees crypto trading not only as price predictions and market analysis but also as a psychology war with who he calls “big sharks”. He accurately predicts when these sharks plan to sell their holdings. 

The successful crypto trader Aviv believes that daily trading can win you five times more than regular trading. Nonetheless, Aviv admits that he doesn’t make a profit every single time. He said that he loses sometimes, but his losses are minimized to a maximum level.

In conclusion, Aviv says that he never puts all his eggs in one basket. He said that he never invests 100% of his money. Instead, he trades 30% of his money and keeps the other 70% to enter the declines where he earns big.