$AVAX, $DOT and $ADA See Major Losses While $LINK and $GFOX Hold Steady


While top altcoins like $AVAX, $DOT, and $ADA struggle with significant losses in price, investors are focusing on  $GFOX, which is currently booming though it has yet to launch.

The token has already generated more than $2.9 million in its ongoing presale rounds, having increased in price by almost 200% during the presale stages. Investors are considering if $GFOX could skyrocket by 100x in 2024.

$AVAX Dips by 36% along with a Decline in Avalanche’s C-Chain Activity

$AVAX has been on a significant downtrend for the past month, which has raised concerns with investors. On December 24, 2023 $AVAX traded at $49.66, but currently, it’s valued at $31.44, reflecting a 36% price decline. Many issues contributed to the $AVAX slump, but a significant factor is the decrease in user activity on the Avalanche’s  C-Chain network. The C-Chain is part of Avalanche’s blockchain that handles decentralized applications and Smart Contracts.

Until this particular chain experiences an increase in activity,  the price of $AVAX is expected to remain bearish.

$DOT Sees Decline Despite A Rise in Staking Activity of Polkadot

In January, Polkadot announced a significant rise in the number of $DOT being staked. Polkadot recorded 729.36 million tokens blocked out of 1.39 billion tokens allocated for staking. Surprisingly, this rise has not resulted in an expected increase in the value of $DOT.

On the day of the announcement, $DOT was priced at $7.3 but had dropped over the days by 9.04% to trade at a current price of $6.64. Since this decrease, investors have reconsidered $DOT as a good crypto to buy now, looking for better opportunities instead.

$ADA Faces 22% Dip as Bitcoin Slides

$ADA is among the top altcoins that began in 2024 impressively but struggled afterward. According to CoinMarketCap, $ADA traded at $0.63 as of January 2, but it dropped to trade at $0.49, marking a 22% dip in its price. The price swings in the price of Bitcoin earlier this year were said to have caused $ADA’s value to decline.

Although $ADA has been making efforts to recover, the increasing decline in interest in the token may result in its price moving back and forth until a significant update in the coin makes headlines.

$LINK Recovers After Partnering with Token Asset Coalition

On January 8, 2024, $LINK dropped to $12.65, marking its lowest price in 30 days, according to CoinMarketCap historical data. However, it recovered to trade at a current price of $15.80- a 12.88% increase over the last 14 days.

Analysts believe this comeback in the price of $LINK was due to the increased interest sparked by the partnership of the coins with the Tokenized Asset Coalition, a group of companies that addressed challenges facing traditional and crypto financial systems. With optimism surrounding the future of $LINK, analysts predict it will recover fully and rise $20 soon.

$GFOX Rise by 200%; Tipped to Skyrocket by 1000% in 2024

Galaxy Fox, the new hybrid protocol, is already showcasing its ability to satisfy investors with remarkable returns by breaking past $2.9 million by selling its tokens. The meme coin is at presale stage 7 and it is selling for $0.00198, reflecting a 200% increase from its initial price. $GFOX, the native token of Galaxy Fox Ecosystem, possesses an exciting and unique feature called token burn.

This feature is used to reduce the number of tokens in circulation so that they can become more valuable. Staking is one of the exciting activities on the platform, which serves as another earning opportunity for investors who buy and hold $GFOX.

The platform provides the rewards from staking by taking 2% of total transactions and adding it to the Galaxy Fox Stargate- the central hub for the platform-keeping staked rewards.

Galaxy Fox also features a play-to-earn game in which players are expected to compete with each other to earn rewards worth $GFOX tokens. These rewards only go to players who made it into the top 20% in ranks for a particular season. The platform also includes NFTs in the gameplay, which will be used to temporarily boost the capabilities of the players’ in-game assets to increase their competitiveness.

Galaxy Fox plans to launch 3000 unique NFTs in the ongoing presale. These NFTs will be minted directly from the website and can be sold at  NFT platforms like OpenSea. The platform will also launch its native NFT marketplace, allowing users to buy and sell NFTs within its ecosystem.


While $AVAX, $DOT and $ADA need to overcome their respective downtrend to gain investors’ attention, $GFOX and $LINK have set out for greater returns for their investors this year. As for whether $GFOX will rise by 1000% this year, it’s possible as it has already achieved a 200% increase in price during presales alone.

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