01 Jun 2022 · 4 min read

AuroraFS Playback and Mining Campaign Activity Roundup

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

The AuroraFS decentralized P2P cloud storage and distribution network recently ended its video playback and non-staking broadband mining campaigns. Future airdropped tokens will go to hundreds of winners who participated in the network campaigns primarily centered around displaying the capabilities of the AuroraFS Web3Tube decentralized video storage and sharing platform real-time.

The two campaigns both ended on May 29th, after over a month of activity which saw an increased number of miners, video content contributors and viewers alike joining and participating on the Web3Tube platform. The two campaigns concluded a battery of contests which were launched on AuroraFS and the Web3Tube decentralized video content platform, dating back to the end of March officially.

Insight into the Video Playback Campaign

The Web3Tube video playback campaign measured the amount of video watch time each node on the Web3Tube engaged in. Nodes represent unique users/viewers, which essentially means that viewers on the decentralized content platform were rewarded for watching videos uploaded by content creators. The top 500 nodes, viewers over multiple rounds were rewarded anywhere from 1-5 tokens per round. Winners will be airdropped up to 15 AUFS tokens for their part in adding to the viewership which took place on Web3Tube from April 27th - May 29th.

The video playback campaign aimed to familiarize users on the already growing AuroraFS decentralized content network by incentivizing viewership. Today many content creators are in search of decentralized platforms on which to bridge their existing audiences and scale, while maintaining certain important rights of ownership over their content, coupled with opportunities to monetize within the decentralized platform model. AuroraFS seems to present much of what creators are looking for in that regard.

“We wanted to encourage organic traffic and viewership on Web3Tube. We set out to accomplish this by simple incentivization in hopes that as individuals began to experience it, the superiority of Web3Tube would be witnessed and preferred over even the most popular centralized video sharing and streaming content networks out there.” -  Warwick Powell,  Gauss Aurora Lab Design and Research Leader

How AuroraFS looks to Incentivize Content Creators

Web3Tube is a live model which shows the power of monetization which was put in place. One of the main cases for decentralization is the freedom it provides both content creators and their audiences. Extra security can also be experienced by users who download Web3Tube and engage in sharing and/or watching videos on the decentralized sharing platform.

Authorized Access Control (AAC) is a security measure put into place on the AuroraFS blockchain network and the Web3Tube DApp specifically. It ensures every node given access to the decentralized network is an actual validated participant. This measure is expected to dramatically limit, and potentially even stop malicious nodes from joining and participating in network activities altogether. What this means is traffic on the Web3Tube platform is genuine, which is extremely important to content creators who are looking to connect with new audiences.

Insight into the Non-staking Broadband Mining Campaign

The AuroraFS non-staking broadband mining campaign brought together members of the global community to participate in providing bandwidth to the P2P network without the need to stake AUFS network tokens, which will be required as of now, when the mainnet is launched in Q3. Computers with the required amount of bandwidth and other specs joined and participated in the campaign which measured bandwidth that was dedicated by each node.

The top 200 miners were selected to be rewarded with future AUFS airdropped tokens after multiple rounds of non-staking broadband mining which also came to an end on the 29th of May. Cheques are the unit of measurement referred to which is being used to equate total broadband dedicated and the AUFS token equivalent. The more bandwidth each node provides to the network is represented as cheques, and then calculated to the correct number of total AUFS tokens. Future airdrops are expected to go out in coming weeks, but no exact date is yet known. Participants had to first download the latest version of AuroraFS before joining the staking campaign.

What was Learned and Next Steps for AuroraFS Network

AuroraFS decentralized network was able to present a genuinely rewarding multi-week campaign for members of the community to get involved. In a parallel move, the network simultaneously ran Web3Tube campaigns in order to test the dependency and functioning of the network while in full real-time use by active video contributors, viewers, and others accessing the network around the clock. As the campaign season for AuroraFS and Web3 Tube concludes, focus is set on the fast approaching Q3 AUFS token and full mainnet launches.

Currently, the Gauss Aurora Lab team of contributors are also recruiting for new DApps ideas to deploy on the blockchain network. Information shared with the community multiple times to date, details help and assistance which the team intends to offer DApps developers with ideas which they hope and expect will usher in new applications that the AuroraFS independent blockchain can aid and support on its network. Updates on this and all currency and most recent AuroraFS news can be obtained by following the official Telegram community channel and/or active AuroraFS social media channels.

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