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ATAYEN Launches Onchain Testing of Its SaTT Platform

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

A new wind is blowing in the field of advertising and social networks! Thanks to DeFi and smart-contracts, the bridge between advertisers and content creators has never been more accessible. Find out how the SaTT platform works and win cryptos by participating in its promotion via the YouTube Challenge!

Social network monetization = the advertising of tomorrow

When we think of advertising, we think of big billboards in the streets, inserts in magazines or commercials on our screens. However, advertising can be much more subtle these days. Today, the most powerful media is not TV or radio and even less the written press. It is, of course, social networks.

Social networks reach a huge audience. How can companies access this golden resource? Of course, we already know the "classic" advertising systems on social networks such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads. More modern marketing consists in using the popularity of influencers to reach a certain audience.

However, all these systems have one major drawback: they are based on individual contracts or partnerships, implementation and follow-up require time. This mechanically limits the productivity, efficiency and reactivity of advertisers.

What if everything could be done automatically? This is the revolutionary idea that ATAYEN had. Discover the SaTT project!

SaTT: the bridge between advertisers and content creators

SaTT is a decentralized application that connects advertisers and content creators. The principle is simple:

  • An advertiser has an advertising need. He creates an "Ad Pool" on SaTT, where he deposits his advertising budget, which is sequestered on the blockchain.
  • A content creator wants to participate in this advertising campaign. He publishes his promotion on social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter). This is what SaTT calls "Post Farming".
  • SaTT uses smart-contracts to communicate with third-party APIs. The application can then know the exact performance of the publication: number of views, likes, retweets, etc.
  • The creator is automatically paid in SaTT tokens from the Ad Pool budget. His remuneration is calculated via smart-contracts according to the performance of his publication.

The decentralized SaTT application has many advantages.

On the advertiser side:

  • The relationship with the creators, the follow-up of the campaigns and the payments are automated;
  • Save time and efficiency when setting up partnerships. There is no need to search for an available content creator adapted to the project: the volunteer talents come and participate.
  • There is no risk of losing money with an ineffective campaign: the advertising budget is used to pay for concrete and measurable results.

On the content creator side:

  • Post Farming is a source of additional income that is constantly available;
  • The creator is free to select the Ad Pool that suits him according to his affinities and capacities;
  • The process is transparent because the objectives and remuneration criteria are defined in advance by the advertiser;
  • The budget is blocked in advance on the blockchain: no risk of non-payment;
  • The smart-contracts measure the performance of the publication and make payments in an objective and impartial way: no risk of litigation.

Launch of SaTT: Exclusive campaign on YouTube

To make the launch of this new advertising system official, SaTT is launching a campaign called "Proof of Concept: YouTube Challenge". The objective is to generate 5 million views on YouTube to promote SaTT through at least 50 YouTubers worldwide.

An Ad Pool has been created and credited with 100 million SaTT tokens. All content creators are invited to participate in promoting SaTT and monetizing their audience!

How to participate in SaTT's YouTube Challenge?

To participate in SaTT's full-scale onchain test, all you have to do is use the SaTT platform. The challenge is to make 2 videos to be published on YouTube:

  • Content of the 1st video: Introduction
    • Introduce the SaTT ecosystem;
    • Talk about the YouTube Challenge;
    • Promote your experience and participation in the challenge;
  • Content of the 2nd video: Payment process
    • Explain how smart-contracts facilitate transactions between creators and advertisers;
    • Detail the steps to participate in the challenge, using your first video as an example.

SaTT's YouTube Challenge remuneration

Each participant in the SaTT YouTube challenge will receive the following awards:

  • 10 SaTT tokens for each view;
  • 20 SaTT tokens for each like.

In total, 100 million SaTT tokens will be distributed to participating YouTubers, which is about 235,000 euros at the current SaTT rate ($1 SaTT = USD 0.002752 at the time of writing).

So, are you ready to make money from social media? Take part in SaTT's YouTube Challenge!

Title: Win cryptos by participating in SaTT's YouTube Challenge

Meta description: Want to earn money with your social networks? Discover the SaTT platform and win cryptos by participating in its YouTube Challenge!