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As DigiToads (TOADS) Approaches $4.5 Million Raised During Presale, Pepecoin (PEPE) Experiences Unexpected Volatility

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The ongoing recession in the markets throughout the world has put a stop to the progress of many digital assets. 

DigiToads is a newbie firm in the crypto space that, despite facing excellent resistance, is advancing at a supernatural pace. 

The firm has already secured colossal investments and is among the best ICO of this year.


DigiToads is a newly deployed crypto meme-coin with numerous use cases. With its cool NFTs, this pre-eminent firm is rapidly gaining popularity among investors and traders. 

So far, more than $4.4 million have been raised as an investment by selling almost 293 million tokens. 

The DigiToads presale is meeting new milestones each day. This unparalleled growth is primarily due to the unique features of the presale. 

These include the absence of a vesting period, a full-project audit by Coinsult, and acceptance of top crypto coins as payment. 

Since there is no vesting period for the presale, investors are free to start trading as soon as the presale ends. 

DigiToads poses as a secure and reliable investment option after scrutiny by Consult, one of the leading audit firms of all time. Coins accepted by DigiToads include BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, Doge, LTC, ADA, SAND, MANA, BUSD, USDT, and many more. 

DigiToads has completed six stages of its presale at lightning speed. The widespread acknowledgment shown by investors for DigiToads is primarily due to the numerous earning opportunities offered by this ultimate firm. 

Apart from its cardinal stake-to-earn and play-to-earn features, DigiToads employs adept traders to execute trades on behalf of the firm. 

Users wishing to secure high-yield passive sources of income have to stake their TOADS NFTs. 

The staking rewards are held in the pool, which is kept up to the mark by 2% of the tax collected on each transaction. 

DigiToads has deployed a futuristic play-to-earn game where users can earn TOADS by participating in regular competitions.

The top 25% of the players will each receive equal shares of 50% of the profit earned through the gaming ecosystem. Another 10% of the profit is reserved for holders of TOADS tokens. 

To ensure the firm has a robust financial system, DigiToads will host monthly trading competitions, the winners of which will be left in charge of maintaining the treasury.

Individuals entrusted with this critical task will make trades on the firm's behalf and receive 10% of the profits. There will be 12 traders, each with access to 1/12th  of the treasury. 

One of the many reasons investors are drawn towards this new meme-coin is DigiToads has a sublime token burn mechanism. 

2% of the tax collected on each trade will be used for burning TOADS. The reduction in the supply of TOADS and increased demand will help create substantial price surges.



Pepecoin remained the center of attraction for meme-coin enthusiasts for quite some time. However, the coin is witnessing huge price fluctuations after seeing massive price surges. 

The asset has had only 14/30 green days, and according to CoinCodex, Pepecoin has bearish market sentiments.

The volatility experienced by this crypto asset is due to one of the following reasons. Firstly, investors are using the profits earned from Pepecoin to buy Ether. 

Secondly, the ongoing recession in the crypto market is also to blame for the fluctuations in Pepecoin price. 


Investors are resorting to DigiToads, a newly birthed meme-coin offering high-yield returns to investors.

The firm has managed to amass an investment of more than $4.4 million, breaking all previous presale records. 

These massive inflows are primarily due to the copious earning opportunities created by DigiToads. On the other hand, Pepecoin is losing its touch due to its highly volatile prices. 

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.