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Art Blocks, Tamadoge NFTs See Gains; Chronocatz Explodes As Blue-Chip NFT

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The world of NFTs is expanding daily, and Chronocatz, a new collection of NFTs, has made a grand entry into the arena. Since Chronocatz is the product of the Chronoly project, investors have flocked to purchase these NFTs before they get sold out. On the other hand, two NFT projects – Art Blocks and Tamadoge Ultra Rare NFTs – have also been starting to see some positive numbers on their price chart.

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Art Blocks Rebounds On Floor Price Chart

Since the overall crypto market has made a slight rebound of late, the performance of the Art Blocks NFT collection has also improved. The floor price of Art Blocks has gone up from 3.0 ETH to 5.3 ETH in the last 30 days.

Art Blocks is a primary platform for generative art, and functions as an Ethereum-powered platform that offers programmable, unique, and on-demand generative art NFTs to collectors across the world. Art Blocks NFTs are generated via a custom minting technology, which gives each piece a distinct and random look, aiming to mirror the success of other algorithmically generated NFT projects.

Tamadoge NFTs Trends With Big Rise

“Tamadoge Ultra Rare NFTs” became the top trending collection on OpenSea recently. The sales of Tamadoge NFTs have increased by a whopping 10,500% in the past 15 days, while the trade volume has registered a staggering rise of 28,670%. However, the floor price of Tamadoge Ultra Rare NFTs has taken a dip of 24%, resulting in dubious investors to abandon the project early.

The complete Tamadoge NFT collection will comprise 21,100 Tamadoges. However, the first drop was made up of only 100 NFTs.

Chronocatz Leads Market In PFP-Based NFT Niche

Soon after launching its CRNO tokens on crypto exchanges like Uniswap, the Chronoly project began the public minting of Chronocatz, a collection of 7,777 unique PFP-based NFTs. The Chronoly project provided a return of 690% to investors during the pre-sale of CRNO tokens, which has translated into a frenzy of interest in Chronocatz, as the NFT project has a potential to rake in millions for investors without much risk.

Chronocatz is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, represented by unique cat characters with procedurally generated traits and features such as fur, clothes, and accessories. However, the most important trait of these Chronocatz is the luxury watch the NFT is depicted wearing – this dictates the rarity of the NFT. These virtual timepieces are representations of real-world physical copies of watches from high-end luxury brands like Rolex. There are six tiers in which Chronocatz holders can be categorized based on the type of watch visible on their NFT. Each tier denotes the rarity of the Chronocatz NFT.

Moreover, Chronocatz holders have exclusive access to the Chrono Wealth Club (CWC). This private watch club will provide holders with benefits like exclusive access to digital and real-world parties, NFT drops, and networking events.Depending on the rarity tier of the holders’ NFT, they can also receive higher yields, access to private auctions, discounts on trading fees, and dedicated watch concierge services.

Chronocatz is one of the only NFT projects backed by real-world assets. Since all Chronocatz are backed by physical copies of luxury watches, the value of these NFTs will always appreciate because luxury watches have proven themselves as an ever-growing commodity market. Therefore, Chronocatz holders are sure to get a positive return on their investment, irrespective of the market conditions.

Notably, public minting is now live following the successful completion of phase 1 (private mint) and phase 2 (whitelist) of Chronocatz.

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