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ApeSwap.Finance: A Friendly Twist on Decentralized Exchanges

Last updated: | 2 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

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Taking “Ape-ing” to the next level with ApeSwap.

ApeSwap.Finance, an Automated Market Maker and Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain, is growing at a rapid pace! Launching just 1 month ago, they’ve already attained over USD 35,000,000 in Total Value Locked, USD 350,000,000 in trading volume, 250,000 unique monthly users, and partnership with some of the most premier projects in BSC. It has been exciting to see the growth these monkeys have achieved.

There are three main factors that make ApeSwap special and unique to Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The first, is unlike most yield farming platforms, ApeSwap is actually its own decentralized exchange. This means it does not use PancakeSwap and truly has its own liquidity. The second, is ApeSwap has found a unique niche, focusing on bringing exciting new projects to their users that have been overlooked by traditional platforms, allowing users to “ape in” to new projects. The last, and what truly makes ApeSwap special, is the incredible community they have cultivated, which takes Aping into projects to the next level.

How Does ApeSwap.Finance Work?

ApeSwap provides their user base a variety of ways to engage, invest, and profit from various activities on the platform. Most of these activities rely on the native $BANANA token, which serves as the utility token across ApeSwap, and many of these are focused on rewarding users in $BANANA.

The many ways in which users can interact with ApeSwap, including trading, farming, pools, and Initial Ape Offerings. Trading is the simple act of exchanging tokens. Farming includes pooling liquidity (to make trading possible) and generating $BANANA tokens as a reward for offering liquidity to the platform. Pools are a way to further incentivize pooling liquidity for other trading pairs and generate more $BANANA on top of the $BANANA users hold. Lastly, Initial Ape Offerings allow users to ape into new and upcoming projects.

Why would I be Interested in ApeSwap.Finance?

ApeSwap is pushing boundaries to create new and exciting ways to engage users. They are constantly bringing new partnerships and projects, to get early gems in front of their user base. Yield farms and pools crop up nearly every day. They are quickly becoming the best place for the opportunity seeker looking to optimize their investments. Or as they call it, ape into new projects!

Partnerships & Community

While the technical and token-economic side of ApeSwap is sound, the real catch of the ApeSwap ecosystem resides in the massive community and network of partnerships that has formed over the last 4 weeks. ApeSwap maintains arguably one of the strongest and most dedicated communities around and many major players in the space recognize this. ApeSwap has already partnered with massive projects such as BakerySwap and Beefy, with many additional partnerships to come.





Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.