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ApeCoin and Fantom Dips While The New Meme King Pomerdoge Gains Traction

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The dynamism of the crypto market has prompted many investors to restructure their investment portfolios. Thus, loss-making cryptocurrencies like ApeCoin (APE) and Fantom (FTM) have failed to gain investors’ support.

On the other hand, a new project, Pomerdoge, has become the most favored cryptocurrency within days of its presale launch. Experts believe that Pomerdoge’s value can rise by 40x in the coming months.


  • ApeCoin’s (APE) supply on exchanges has increased, indicating selling pressure.
  • The market cap of Fantom (FTM) has declined by 36% in the past few weeks.
  • Pomerdoge gets the green light to grow by 40x by the end of 2023.

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ApeCoin (APE) Experiences Increase In Selling Pressure

The ApeCoin community is worried as APE is consistently falling on the price chart. In the past 30 days, the price of ApeCoin (APE) has fallen by more than 7%. Thus, the current trading price of ApeCoin (APE) has come down to $1.85. Moreover, the future signs for ApeCoin (APE) are not looking positive either.

The supply of ApeCoin (APE) on exchanges has increased in the past few weeks. This, according to experts, indicates that people are more interested in selling ApeCoin (APE) tokens than holding them. A significant drop in the floor price of BAYC has further aggravated the condition of ApeCoin (APE).

Fantom (FTM) Sees Drop In Several Metrics

A recent report by Messari has revealed the ill health of the Fantom (FTM) network. As per the report, Fantom (FTM) has witnessed an 18% QoQ decline in daily active addresses.

Besides, daily transactions of the Fantom (FTM) blockchain have plunged by 24% QoQ. Moreover, the market cap of Fantom (FTM) has suffered a 36% drop since the SEC filed a lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase. All these bearish numbers have negatively impacted the price movement of Fantom (FTM).

The market value of Fantom (FTM) has dropped by more than 13% over the past month. Consequently, Fantom (FTM) is currently trading at $0.24.

Pomerdoge (POMD) Strikes Perfect Growth Chords

According to the latest research study, the global blockchain gaming industry can record revenue of around $1020.02 billion by 2032. This indicates the massive growth of the industry. Now, a new play-to-earn (P2E) gaming meme coin, Pomerdoge, has stirred the crypto world with a historic growth rate.

Market experts believe that Pomerdoge can surpass Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe in popularity and profitability due to its unique business roadmap. POMD will serve as the native token for Pomerdoge’s ecosystem. The project’s ecosystem will have three components: Pomerplace, Pomergame, and NFTs. However, all the components will be run by POMD tokens.

Pomergame is a P2E game that aims to assist players worldwide in connecting with other gamers. On this platform, players will earn rewards and make money for all the time they spend in the game. Here, players can build their characters and enhance them to an elite level. Also, if gamers have a gold status Pomer, they become eligible to sell their custom in-game items in Pomerplace.

The platform’s presale is live, and Pomerdoge has turned out to be one of the most profitable meme coins. Currently, the presale of POMD is in the first stage, and the token cost is just $0.007. Therefore, investors are overwhelmingly investing in the project. Its token smart contract is audited thoroughly by Solid Proof and Cyber Scope. According to market predictions, the project’s value may surge by 17x during the presale round.

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