11 May 2022 · 2 min read

ANEO is One of the Leaders in the Gaming DeFi Revolution

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

The gaming industry has greatly evolved over the years, from 8-bit animation to VR and now DeFi games. Thanks to blockchain technology, DeFi games are making it possible for gamers to earn by playing video games, changing the field for good. This has, in turn, led to the increasing popularity of DeFi games, with countless games flooding the market. While it has made the industry fiercely competitive, this hasn’t stopped ANEO from reaching the top and becoming one of the leading parties in the gaming DeFi revolution.

Their one-of-a-kind platform is helping ANEO to bring change in the gaming industry by leading the revolution from the front. ANEO is building a more engaging and competitive online community while helping gamers earn from playing online video games.

ANEO.IO is the first ani-mech P2E game concept on Solana. It has 7,777 genesis robots, perfectly rigged to be used with futuristic weapons in 3D play-to-earn games and the metaverse. This is assisting ANEO to stay ahead of the game as they support other players, monetize their passions, and redefine the NFT space.

For years gaming has been a centralized activity, where the game developers have controlled assets, game data, and in-game currencies. While it was fun, some aspects were still lacking, and as a gamer, you couldn’t monetize your skills. However, all this has changed as blockchain has become part of the gaming industry, facilitating the development of several play-to-earn projects like ANEO.

Blockchain has decentralized gaming, and now players can make real money which has contributed to the growth of the gaming industry. To ensure no one feels left out, ANEO NFT has developed a play to earn blockchain fighting platform, where Mortal Kombat meets the extreme cultural popularity and millions of enthusiastic fans around the world.

ANEO is bringing together mecha-robots and anime content lovers, making gaming more exciting and thrilling. Their NFTs are unique and rare humanized hybrid 3D mecha-robots that you can rent to other players for a passive fixed rental fee and a predefined period. To help their holders generate more passive income, ANEO NFT owners can also form partnerships with other talented players or lock their NFTs in DeFi platforms.

According to the CEO of ANEO, Arie, this will help them build a strong online community of NEO holders. Currently, ANEO.IO has a following of 33k+ on Twitter (https://twitter.com/AneoIo) . They are also set to collaborate with big ambassadors, pioneering the gaming DeFi revolution.

Having previously worked in the NFT and tech space, Arie’s experience makes it possible for ANEO NFT to become a leader in the industry. Arie has established several companies, including a mobile app development company, Amigo Chat Ltd, which is helping them to build their NFT and assists their holders in growing their income.

The ANEO.IO team also boasts notable industry figures such as Chief Marketing Officer - Enrico, a former e-sports champion gamer ( https://twitter.com/encz.sol), and Chief Strategy Officer - Kook Capital LLC, Crypto Social Media Influencer and Strategic Consultant ( https://twitter.com/KookCapitalLLC ).

ANEO NFT owners are getting exclusive access to the ANEO fighting 3D gaming platform. The holders will also be able to play and earn in-game tokens to level up ANEO NFT gaming attributes, make their ANEOs much more powerful, and increase the gaming collectible value of ANEO NFT in the market.