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Crypto Pens is the New Way to Cash In on the Crypto Craze

Sead Fadilpašić
Last updated: | 1 min read

It looks like more companies are trying to cash in on the crypto craze, despite the market slump this year. This time, luxury pen manufacturer Ancora1919 has announced that it will soon accept pre-production orders for limited edition Ethereum pens, in addition to already selling a limited number of Bitcoin pens.

Source: Ancora1919

Ancora1919 is one of the first Italian companies to produce pens. As their announcement says, they have already produced and delivered limited edition Bitcoin Pens, and are now moving onto Ethereum. “As was the case with the company’s Bitcoin Pens, Ancora will be offering a limited supply of 888 rollerball Ethereum Pens, and a mere 88 Ethereum Pens of the fountain variety,” the announcement states. “Each pen comes with a personal production number etched into the bottom, verifying authenticity. Unlike Ethereum Coin, the maximum supply of Ethereum Pens will remain capped for all time.”

The pens will be sold in a way that’s similar to a token sale. During the “pre production stage,” customers will be able to purchase the pens for a 50% discount compared to retail prices – rollerball at USD 1,000 and fountain pen at USD 1,250. Production stage will see the rollerball pen priced at USD 1,250, with the fountain pen costing USD 1,500, and the retail sale will have the pens priced at USD 2,250 and USD 2,500 respectively.

A limited number of pens with additional precious metals will be available for crypto. Platinum numbers will cost 15 ETH, Gold will be 10 ETH and Silver will be going for 5 ETH each.

Not to end with just the two cryptocurrencies currently on offer, Ancora is set to announce a new series on the 1st of June.