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Anarchy (ANA) is a New Decentralized Meme Token That’s Just Launched on Presale

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Interested in being part of a meme revolution that values your opinion and allows you to be a part of the platform’s future? 

Anarchy ($ANA) is a new meme token that gives access to its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) – allowing the investor to have more control over the future of the project.

$ANA, the native token, has recently been released on presale and has already raised more than $250k.

Anarchy: What is it?

Anarchy is based on the concept of decentralization – the term Anarchy refers to a society running based on voluntary cooperation, without the existence of centralized institutions or the government.

This meme cryptocurrency believes that the world’s centralized institutions have made a lot of errors in the past and make the world a harder place for the normal person.

For instance, we have witnessed countless economic crashes in the past, which have been due to misgovernance. In such situations, the public has no say in how the world’s funds are used.

On the other hand, decentralization is all about splitting power and increasing the autonomy of members. 

Anarchy aims to offer free speech and privacy rights. In the past few years, the number of large corporations controlling a large portion of the world’s data and information has increased.

With the $ANA token, Anarchy aims to build a strong community of individuals and move forward together. 

$ANA is an ERC-20 token and will be used to access the Anarchy DAO.

This new cryptocurrency is currently available to purchase during the ongoing presale before it gets listed on exchanges in the coming months. 

Get Voting Rights with the Anarchy DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization allows token holders to take part in important decision-making opportunities to control the platform’s direction. 

You are provided with voting rights, where you can have a say to dictate the organization’s future.

One of the main elements of the Anarchy DAO is the treasury. Gnosis Safe will be used to secure the DAO treasury by using multi-signature solutions. 

As the number of users increases on Anarchy, the funds of the treasury will increase.

All buy and sell transactions will lead to a 4.5% tax on the ecosystem. This tax will be sent to the treasury.

On the DAO, community members will be able to vote once a month to plan the future steps of the organization and decide how to spend the funds.

Furthermore, members can also elect the DAO ambassadors, who will handle the treasury and be responsible for the everyday running of the community. 

Thus, holding the $ANA token will help users gain autonomy and voting power. 

Buy $ANA During the Ongoing Presale 

$ANA is available to purchase during the first presale round, where it is priced at its lowest level possible.

After the presale ends, Anarchy will list the token on different cryptocurrency exchanges. As is common with many meme tokens, $ANA may explode in price after being made available on different exchanges.

As the trading volume increase, the token has the potential to 10x in no time.

Thus, investors may wish to purchase $ANA for $0.00021, which is its set price for the first presale round. 

$ANA has a total token supply of 69.42 billion, with 80% of this supply available for the presale, while the remaining has been reserved for future exchange listings.

During the first presale round, 10% of the presale token supply is available to purchase. While Anarchy has already raised nearly $280k, it looks to collect $1.4 million from the first presale round.

Despite new meme tokens being a high-risk investment, interested readers can diversify their portfolio by purchasing this token.

Join the Anarchy Telegram channel to keep yourselves updated with all the presale updates. 

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.