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Analysts Predict This Metaverse Crypto Will Be the Next Big Thing – Here’s Why

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The metaverse is one of the most exciting aspects of the crypto space. Combining the concept of virtual and augmented realities, the metaverse allows users to connect in an online community to enjoy an immersive experience. So far, recognized metaverse projects like Decentraland have shone the light on the new ecosystem, but recent developments point to a new wave of entrants. 

One such is RobotEra which combines the unique attributes of Decentraland and the NFT powers of Axie Infinity to create a truly immersive crypto experience for users. This article identifies some of the main attributes that make us believe this might be the next crypto gem.

Multiverse Web3 Project

One exciting feature of RobotEra is its focus on a multiverse experience. Instead of connecting users only to a virtual landscape, it allows users to connect across not one but more metaverses or worlds. 

The project is a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding non-fungible token (NFT) concept that tasks players with the responsibility of recreating a supposedly destroyed world. Given this, players – digitally-powered robots – are required to acquire resources, manage their virtual land, build robot companions, and participate in the rebuilding of the universe. 

The onus rests on each player’s imagination, as everyone has the opportunity to craft a world of their own making. Meanwhile, each robot is an NFT, which makes them generically unique and valuable due to their rare attributes and traits.

Additionally, RobotEra’s multiverse enables users to visit theme parks, concerts, and museums while connecting with other NFT communities. Users can also explore special places, find rewards, and submit their original digital art and music for display in the project’s virtual museums.

2023 Roadmap Is One to Look Out For

Making its debut in 2022, the RobotEra team has stayed true to its roadmap. The team has launched its first NFT collection, kickstarted the presale of its play-to-earn token, TARO, and is gearing for a centralized exchange listing.

Although there is still a lot to do, next year’s roadmap is what has several investors and analysts excited. For one, the RobotEra project will aim to roll out the metaverse concept’s full functionalities. 

According to its roadmap, the metaverse galaxy and the launch of more gameplay will occur in the early weeks of 2023. Besides this, the team will launch its much-anticipated virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) experience mode in the year’s second quarter.

With the metaverse ecosystem expected to experience exponential growth come 2023, this will tie in with the broader market’s growth. This would directly impact the planet-rebuilding gameplay, and users who earned TARO from playing the game can see their tokens skyrocket.

TARO Breaks Through The $550k Milestone

Given its huge potential, RobotEra’s TARO has been selling out fast in its current presale stage. In a tweet, its developers reported that over $550,000 worth of TARO tokens had been sold so far. 

At press time, the RobotEra team has raised over $582,000. This is largely due to the low value the digital asset is going for. 

Early-bird investors can now buy 1 TARO token for $0.020, and the second phase of the investment will see this figure rise to $0.025. This is still quite a bargain, given the value the metaverse project offers to users.

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