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Akita Inu (AKITA) Increased by 10% In The Past Week, But What About Mushe (XMU)?

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Despite the crypto market falling under the USD 1 trillion mark in the past week, some projects are only gaining momentum and have no plans to slow down. For example, Dogecoin (DOGE) jumped by 13% on the 21st of June and again reclaimed its rightful place in the top-10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. 

This week’s prices were also looking positive for another meme coin project Akita (Akita Inu), which witnessed an increase of more than 10%, while the overall market capitalisation continued to plummet.

However, the absolute winner, the undisputed champion that claimed all the heavyweight titles, was undoubtedly the presale of Mushe (XMU), which has skyrocketed in price, reaching as much as 1000% of its initial price since the project went live on the 18th of April 2022.

Meme Coins Are The New Know-How

Ever since the inception of Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2013, many have been sceptical about the potential of meme cryptocurrencies, partly because they were initially created “for the lols” of the community but also because they lacked utility. Fast forward 11 years, and these projects are more robust than ever, topping the crypto charts and silencing haters with novel ideas, innovative approaches and unique ecosystems.

AKITA (Akita Inu) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, initially a meme token without a team or a project, similar to the likes of DOGE and SHIB’s, it has created a strong community of over 60,000 + holders, as well as a dedicated team of community members/investors, and many moderators to help govern the community.

The team’s goal is to convert the (Akita) Inu coin from a meme coin to a tangible, utilityl token with various use cases, operating with cross-chain interoperability. In order to assist this process, a successful DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) was established through the Akita network DAO fork of the Olympus DAO project on the avalanche network. If you are a long-term HODLer, you should definitely look into this project.

Watch The Throne: Mushe is King

It’s almost like a dream feeling when the token you have invested in increases in price, but if it’s skyrocketed more than 1000%, you have found your golden goose. Although the Mushe (XMU) project joined the world of cryptocurrency very recently, it has risen in price a shocking amount.

One of the reasons why Mushe (XMU) enjoys such an overwhelming success is the approach the project has to making crypto services accessible for all kinds of users through an intuitive UX application available worldwide. By providing simplified and seamless interoperability across different blockchains, Mushe (XMU) accelerates the adoption of Web 3.0, making interaction with DeFi services a leisurely walk in the park.

The Mushe (XMU) project utilises a decentralised token named XMU, which facilitates peer-to-peer interaction, rewards, and governance decisions within its broader ecosystem. The XMU token also allows its holders to access the platform’s native wallet, which works efficiently, is heavily protected and can be connected to different blockchains and protocols.

Moreover, the Mushe (XMU) project plans to introduce its own Metaverse (MusheVerse). The MusheVerse will include a NFTs marketplace and Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming, where holding the Mushe token (XMU) will be vital to participating in the subsequent development of this exciting Web 3.0 project.

Think of it this way. You can purchase coins that occasionally spike in the range of 100%. Alternatively, you experience the Mushe wave that skyrocketed 1000%.