11 Jan 2022 · 1 min read

AGE of SAM - Solana's first Hold-to-Earn Multi-Project NFT

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

AGE of SAM is a new Multi-Project Hold-to-Earn utility NFT on an interstellar mission to create the strongest community in the Solanaverse, while meeting and exceeding all the standards we deserve. With their innovative Cross Pollination model they've caught the attention of many major players across Solana's ecosystem.

AOS has created a unique and sustainable way of incorporating other top Solana projects into their lore. This is not only because they can create an incentive for all partner NFT communities, but also by providing the foundation on which individual Factions (partner projects) are built upon--a 'rocket booster' if you will, that ensures success in this highly competitive marketplace. This is community building at its core, and the most important aspect of AOS.

Strong partnerships benefit all parties involved - from the individual NFT holder, to the wider communities, as well as developers of partner projects. There's a certain gravity here which binds everything together.

Hold-to-Earn is an idea that will revolutionize the way people earn money with their NFTs. By mining (staking) during weekly Moon Missions, real estate can be acquired through Moon Bases and Facilities in exchange for earned Solarium ($SLRM). Holding a partner Faction NFT will mine up to 2x more Solarium when staked and coupled with an AOS NFT.

Partnerships with a seasoned web development agency as well as a AAA Toronto-based video game studio makes AOS well prepared for their P2E game and has helped bring this all together into a truly international team with diverse backgrounds including marketing and crypto professionals from around the world. The game is already in development.

The future of AOS minting and royalty distribution is bright. They're giving away USD 50K (pre-mint) which awards participants in free-to-play contests like poker and trivia with NFTs and whitelist spots as prizes. Trust is key, and AOS is fulfilling promises to the community. Their growing, vibrant Discord is evidence of that. 

About AGE of SAM: