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Afghan Entertainment is Dead, AppleB Launches Action to Save Basic Rights

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In the age of entertainment to death, in Afghanistan the entertainment is dead. From then on, there was no more entertainment brought by public music, nor was there any touch of the cinema film release. Everything seems so “in order”, but it seems that there is no more life…

The AppleB community received messages from around the world after news broke that the cryptocurrency AppleB community was speaking out for the Afghan people and launching a fund-raising campaign to help them flee. For a while, AppleB community mailboxes, Tweets, and Telegrams have spawned a large number of social forces willing to assist in this act of kindness.

According to community workers, during the period, they also received some threats, demanding that they stop related actions immediately. Of course, progress on the rescue operation may have slowed at the risk of personal safety, but AppleB community workers said they would not stop the charity and would continue with the planned fund-raising program for the Afghan people.

At present, the basic human rights of the Afghan people are the biggest worry that affects the AppleB community. The policy of completely banning entertainment from within its borders also made us feel the cultural disaster that this country is suffering and the urgent hope of the local people to escape. The AppleB community will mobilize all possible forces to provide assistance to the Afghan people within its capacity. This will become the most urgent action plan of the AppleB community in the near future.

Judging from the assistance information currently received by the AppleB community, some are willing to provide material donations, some are willing to sponsor financial support, some are willing to provide relevant jobs, and some are willing to actively run government departments to receive refugees… AppleB community also actively verifies the authenticity of information and communicate relevant details with various information sources. In any case, with these public welfare forces from all over the world, follow-up assistance operations will be carried out more smoothly.

In fact, we can see that from sponsoring Olympic athletes to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, building charity advertising revenue-generating platforms, and providing assistance to the people of a country, the AppleB community is gradually practicing their “governance” concept, that is, ” Save the world and help the poor, the transmission of health and love.”

Although there are already many international charities, charitable communities based on cryptocurrency are very rare. Perhaps, such a decentralized and distributed philanthropic force is more able to transcend national boundaries, language, and cultural barriers, and provide a new concept and exploration for the international philanthropy model. This was clearly demonstrated in the rescue operation of the Afghan people. At the same time, AppleB’s actions have also established a new international image for the cryptocurrency circle: cryptocurrency may not only appear in the news section of the financial technology category, but now it also appears in the international public welfare section.
Taking this as an opportunity, I believe that the AppleB community will gather more international charity forces to speak up for the poor, work hard for the protection of basic international human rights, and fight for the world to deliver health and love.

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