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Advancing the Digital Assets Frontier | Synthesis Partners with ANSG to Catalyse Growth Beyond Speculation

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Synthesis empowers creators of all backgrounds, offering education, cutting-edge tools, and innovative models to harness the potential of web3, AI, and XR. Their vision is to connect artists, creators, and technology, transforming the digital landscape.

We’re excited to announce, a strategic alliance between Synthesis and ANSG, a renowned name in Web3 marketing, we have found ourselves another disrupter in the space. This collaboration marks a commitment to expand the horizons of what digital assets can achieve, transitioning beyond mere speculation to a world of tangible value creation and diversified market penetration.

At Synthesis, we aim to foster connections between early adopters, brands, artists, and those venturing into Web3 tech. Blending the strengths of blockchain protocols, mixed reality, and AI. We aspire to be the fulcrum of creation, commerce, and community in this new, digital space.

With our approach, ANSG will be able to further broaden their marketing palette, offering clients unique and frictionless digital capabilities. Aki Ali, Chief Marketing Officer at the agency says, “We can see Web3 tech is being redefined, Synthesis, a disruptive and industry-recognised team are transforming the space with their innovative approach, this has excited a number of significant brands we align with, so much so I am delighted to also join the advisory board and become fully emersed with this talented team, really excited in what we can achieve together.”

Piotr Borowiec, author of ‘Bitcoin Explained’ and project visionary explains, “While ANSG has been a formidable name in Blockchain and Web3 Consultancy, recognised for over $820m in funds raised, our partnership signifies their intention to embrace a broader spectrum of digital assets. ANSG’s reach and market knowledge combined with our innovation means that Synthesis is set to penetrate markets we previously only dreamed of.”

Synthesis’s artistic direction, steered by luminaries like Katarzyna Konieczka and Wojtek Magierski, together with our frictionless access technology will get a global stage through ANSG’s vast network. 

This blend of art, technology, and marketing prowess is poised to set new standards in the digital assets domain.

Join us on this exciting journey. With ANSG by our side, we’re prepared to tackle new challenges and reach unparalleled heights in the digital creator’s economy. 

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