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Act Now and Secure Your Spot in the Next Big Crypto: Don’t Miss Out on $16 Million Presale Ending in 2 Days

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The IMPT presale has raised a total of $16.8 million, with less than three days to go until it comes to an end. The new figure represents an increase of over $1 million in under 24 hours, indicating the extent to which investors are rushing to buy IMPT at a discount before it lists on exchanges.

IMPT’s first exchange listings are due on December 14, with Uniswap, LBANK Exchange and Changelly Pro already confirmed to be supporting the new altcoin. Combined with its plans to build a decentralized carbon credit marketplace, this early support suggests that IMPT could become one of the next biggest coins in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Act Now and Secure Your Spot in the Next Big Crypto: Don’t Miss Out on $16 Million Presale Ending in 2 Days

The announcement that IMPT’s presale will end on December 11 seems to have galvanized early investors, creating a rush to acquire some IMPT before the sale ends. Its sale price is $0.023, a level which is likely to seem very low a few days or weeks after the coin lists.

The market would seem to agree with this claim, given how quickly the sale has risen from $14.5 million raised two days ago to $16.8 million today.

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Assuming that the sale continues raising around $1 million every day, this would likely result in a total raise of about $19 million or $20 million by the deadline. This would work out at around 943.8 million IMPT sold, or 31.5% of its maximum total supply of 3 billioin IMPT.

Aside from the fact that the presale is due to end in a matter of days, it has managed to raise such a large sum mostly because of IMPT’s promising fundamentals. These will see it combine a marketplace for NFT-based carbon offsets with an eco-friendly retail platform through which consumers can buy products from merchants who dedicate a slice of their revenues to environmental initiatives.

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According to IMPT, it has already signed up around 25,000 affiliate retailers, meaning users will have plenty of choices when using its platform. By shopping with such retailers, users will be rewarded with IMPT tokens, which can then be used to buy NFT-based carbon credits.

Once users have credits, the latter can either be sold on IMPT’s marketplace or retired, meaning that they contribute to a user’s IMPT.io score. This tracks their carbon footprint and environmental impact, enabling them to gain a clearer sense of how their behavior as consumers may be affecting the Earth.

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It’s worth pointing out that the IMPT token will grow in parallel with the growth of the IMPT platform, seeing as how it will be used to pay fees and for NFT-based offsets. As such, the more IMPT gains adoption, the more IMPT will rise in price, and so on.

IMPT’s tokenization of carbon credits as (Ethereum-based) non-fungible tokens will also offer the advantage of making the market for such credits more transparent and trustworthy. The lack of transparency in the existing carbon credit marketplace is something that campaigners and journalists have criticized for years, with the opacity of price rises being a major problem that blockchain technology can address.

Just Over Two Days Left

Despite there being only just over two days left, users can still participate in the IMPT presale by heading over to its official website and connecting their MetaMask or Wallet Connect wallet. They can then use either ETH or USDT to purchase IMPT, which costs $0.023.

As stated above, IMPT will be listing on Changelly Pro, Uniswap and LBANK Exchange from December 14, with more listings likely to follow in the coming months. These three exchanges have a combined daily trading volume in excess of $2 billion, meaning that presale investors will have access to considerable liquidity when they come to sell their IMPT.

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Based on earlier post-presale listings this year, IMPT could be due for big rises once it lists. For example, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) witnessed increases as high as 6,000% and 3,000% compared to their initial presale prices, underscoring just how well newly listed altcoins can do when they’re first exposed to liquidity.

While the future is uncertain, IMPT’s fundamentals mean that it should have just as much a chance to post good returns as the coins above. Indeed, some analysts have even suggested that it could increase tenfold following its listing.

Just as importantly, IMPT is aiming to be one of the most socially and environmentally constructive projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. And more than anything else, this is why it has a real chance of being profitable.

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