05 Oct 2021 · 2 min read

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments in 2022

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

The world is about to face a brand new economic system where digital currencies play one of the most essential roles. The governments cannot ignore the explosive power of crypto assets, and despite local bans, the industry is step-by-step moving towards mass adoption. Why are crypto payment solutions a must-have option for today’s merchants?

Stagnation or progress: which way do you prefer?

Merchants are able to either remain conservative accepting fiat currencies only or adjust to new demands and trends. As for the first way, your business may be paving this path and even achieve some local success. Bitcoin payments boost a company to brand new highs, revolutionizing the retail sector.

Digital assets empower holders to purchase goods and services, having no bank accounts which is why your target audience is about to skyrocket. Crypto payments unlock access for people who have a smartphone, Internet connection, and a crypto wallet (if no, open a wallet in several minutes). While talking about other pros of digital assets used as a payment option, experts highlight low fees, no limits, and the highest level of protection.

On top of small retailers, giant corporations follow the same trend. Crypto holders may use Bitcoin, USDT, and other assets to purchase goods and services from Amazon, Coca-Cola, Sotheby’s, Tesla, etc. The list of crypto-friendly businesses has already comprised over 20 000 companies all over the Globe.

B2BinPay as the best guide to explore the crypto world

Well, a merchant understands the pros of crypto payments and cannot throw the outlined advantages into question; meanwhile, that is a moment when doubts are replaced by fears.

How to start accepting digital assets? Which Bitcoin payment gateway is the best one? Are such payments legal? How to offer goods and services in complete compliance with legal requirements? Millions of questions suddenly appear, making it hard for a business owner to make the first step.

B2BinPay is a solution claimed to make crypto payments as easy as ABC for both merchants and enterprises. Business owners get an all-in-one solution, as qualified experts connect your business to a Bitcoin payment API. When a customer chooses digital assets among the payment options, the API automatically redirects him (her), and the provider processes payments. B2BinPay makes payments secure and convenient for both sides. As for fees, the solution charges one of the lowest commissions – 0.5%, and no hidden payments attached.

Merchants access two possible options – either to receive digital assets on a secure wallet to hold cryptocurrencies and exchange them for other crypto assets, or to receive fiat currencies directly on bank accounts (the processor converts digital currencies into fiat ones, withdrawing them to merchants’ accounts automatically).

The year 2021 recognized B2BinPay as the best provider of crypto payments – according to Finance Magnates. The solution supports more than 800 cryptocurrencies.