16 Sep 2021 · 3 min read

ABEYCHAIN Rapidly Adding Addresses, Becoming One of the Fastest-growing Blockchains in the World

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ABEY recently revealed that it has been adding an average of 20,000 active ABEY 2.0 addresses each week since the beginning of August 2021. This makes it one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world. 

This development was spurred by the first airdrop of XT, the native token of XSWAP on August 17, 2021. Since then ABEY has conducted another airdrop with 500,000 XT tokens distributed on September 9. The second airdrop of XT was completed in just thirty minutes, another indication of the organic growth of ABEY’s ecosystem.

ABEYCHAIN has its sights on increasing its adoption in the coming months. There are plans in place to list ABEY token on more exchanges and launch even more new features for its users. 

ABEY Token hits major milestone following Liquid Global listing 

Third-generation blockchain protocol ABEYCHAIN has continued to make major gains in recent months. The highly scalable blockchain is regarded highly within the blockchain space and more developers have created innovative applications within its ecosystem. 

ABEY has also made moves to foster the adoption of ABEY token with new listings. The latest listing is with Japan-based exchange Liquid Global that places the token in the sight of mainstream adoption. 

Liquid Global is regarded as one of the top 20 exchanges in Asia and has one of the highest daily traded spot volumes of BTC/JPY trading pairs. The exchange will initially list ABEY/USDT trading pairs and expose the token to over 800,000 potential holders in more than 100 countries. 

Anyone can easily buy USDT using their debit cards and exchange the USDT for ABEY tokens. In addition, ABEY token holders will be able to deposit their tokens and exchange them for USDT. ABEY token represents a good form of investment due to its steady rise in value since its first public listing on ZBX.one exchange in 2020. 

From an initial listing price of $0.60, ABEY token has posed an ROI of 400% and currently trades at around $2.50. This makes it one of the fastest-growing tokens in the crypto space, and the listing on Liquid Global will only accelerate this trend. 

Major Milestone 

The listing on Liquid Global is a major milestone for ABEYCHAIN and signifies the blockchain protocol’s growing popularity. ABEYCHAIN is built to provide a highly scalable and decentralized blockchain network for the development of web3.0 applications. 

Since the launch of ABEYCHAIN 2.0 in March 2021, there has been major development within the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem. Some of the features introduced include XSWAP, a new generation DeFi trading protocol. XSWAP integrates innovative automated liquidity trading and the popular automated market maker trading models. 

DeFi enthusiasts can leverage DeFi features like staking, yield farming, and liquidity mining for XSWAP native token XT rewards. ABEY token can also be traded on XSWAP as well as other ARC20 tokens. 

ABEYCHAIN further expands the potentials of its blockchain platform with its decentralized storage system called ABEY Storage Network. Users can easily save files on the blockchain, and storage miners are incentivized to store data. 

ABEYCHAIN also has its native stablecoin called aCash Token (ACT). The stablecoin is pegged 1:1 to the USDT and has a unique mining mechanism. ACT is mined when users purchase the token and burned when it is converted to other crypto-assets. This mechanism ensures that its peg is maintained. 

ABEYCHAIN 2.0 NFT marketplace is a unique platform for NFT enthusiasts to mint, list, and auction their digital creations. ABEYCHAIN also intends to collaborate with prestigious brands to launch exclusive NFT creations in the future. 

ABEYCHAIN also intends to increase its existing user base by introducing new programs and bounties that incentivize active community members. Apart from Liquid Global, ABEY Token can be traded on  www.zbx.com and www.zbx.plus. To learn more about ABEY blockchain, visit the website at www.abey.com