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8 Binance New Listings Set To Be the Next DOGE in 2022

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It's fair to say that the cryptocurrency market is taking a 'breather' after numerous years of exponential growth. However, this doesn't mean that the volume of new coin launches is slowing down – with many exciting projects being listed on Binance that have exceptional price prospects.

This article will discuss 8 new Binance listings that could be the next DOGE – touching on what they are, how they work, and their value potential for the weeks and months ahead.

The Top 8 New Binance Listings to Buy in July 2022

Listed below are eight projects that have recently been listed on Binance that are making waves in the market, driven by their innovative use cases and exciting roadmaps:

  1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Overall Best New Binance Listing
  2. ApeCoin (APE) – Popular ‘Meme Coin’ with Strong Community Backing
  3. Loopring (LRC) – Innovative Scaling Protocol for Ethereum
  4. Harmony (ONE) – New Blockchain Project with High Scalability
  5. Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) – Utility Token for Formula 1 Fans
  6. Celsius (CEL) – Top DeFi Protocol Set for a Rebound
  7. Quant (QNT) – Exciting Software Built for Interoperability
  8. Amp (AMP) - Digital Collateral Token with Numerous Use Cases

A Closer Look at the Best New Cryptos on Binance

With the list above in mind, let's dive into each of these projects individually, digging into the factors causing them to be so sought-after within the market.

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Overall Best New Binance Listing

Leading the way when it comes to the top new Binance listings is Lucky Block. Lucky Block is a crypto-gaming platform that took the market by storm earlier in the year, producing quadruple-digit returns for presale investors. Due to the recent release of ‘LBLOCK v2’, Lucky Block is back making headlines once more.

Anyone who has invested in Lucky Block up until this point will know that LBLOCK is a BEP-20 token with a built-in tax on sell transactions. Although this taxation procedure has numerous benefits, it is now ideal for CEX listings. This has all changed with the release of LBLOCK v2, which uses the ERC-20 standard. 

ERC-20 is the standard the Ethereum blockchain uses, which instantly makes investing in Lucky Block more accessible to a huge universe of new investors. What's more, LBLOCK v2 has no tax on token sales. This paves the way for LBLOCK to be listed on leading CEXs – with LBank and MEXC announcing that they will list the coin in the coming weeks.

It's important to note that LBLOCK is yet to list on Binance; however, this token tops our list because LBLOCK v2 has made a Binance listing a real possibility in the not-too-distant future. In addition, LBLOCK v2 is set to launch on 5-6 more popular CEXs in the coming months – significantly boosting accessibility and promoting price growth.


Furthermore, the lack of a sales tax will also appeal to day traders, as they will retain a greater portion of the profits on successful trades with LBLOCK v2 and with the addition of the new ERC-20 version of LBLOCK, this project looks set for a comeback in the weeks and months ahead. Those interested in learning more about Lucky Block can do so by becoming a member of the official Telegram group or joining the Discord server

2. ApeCoin (APE) – Popular ‘Meme Coin’ with Strong Community Backing

Another exciting new Binance listing is ApeCoin. As the name suggests, ApeCoin draws inspiration from the remarkable success achieved by NFT sensation Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Although not officially created by BAYC's team, ApeCoin is inextricably linked to the project – and benefits from its vast community backing.

APE tokens were airdropped to BAYC (and Mutant Ape) holders earlier in the year, essentially providing them with ‘free money’. Since then, numerous use cases have been developed for APE, such as the recent announcement that it will be the native token of ‘the Otherside’ metaverse project.

ApeCoin has also been integrated into the popular blockchain game Benji Bananas, which is another reason investors hold the token. Finally, since ApeCoin is structured as a DAO, the community has the final say on the project's direction since APE holders are the ones that vote on governance proposals. 

3. Loopring (LRC) – Innovative Scaling Protocol for Ethereum

Loopring is another Binance new listing that has begun attracting attention in the media. Put simply, Loopring is a ‘Layer-2’ scaling solution for Ethereum, which means it is built on top of the Ethereum network. Through various mechanisms, Loopring can help reduce fees and improve transaction speeds, which benefits many parties.

Crypto investors will know that Ethereum's GAS fees have become a significant issue in recent years – especially since the growth of the NFT market. Through Loopring’s ‘zkRollups’ technology, this scaling solution can settle Ethereum-based transactions elsewhere. In turn, this reduces the number of transactions on Ethereum's network, thereby lowering congestion.

Ultimately, this means GAS fees are more acceptable to dApp developers and network users – which is why Loopring has become a popular project within the market. Investors can gain exposure to Loopring’s growth by purchasing LRC, which is available through the Binance exchange.

4. Harmony (ONE) – New Blockchain Project with High Scalability

Harmony is a ‘Layer-1’ blockchain that looks to solve the ‘Blockchain Trilemma’ – which refers to achieving a balance of scalability, decentralization, and security. This blockchain does this by splitting the network into four ‘shards’, which helps reduce congestion.

Since this approach is considered more efficient than the current mechanism used by the likes of Ethereum, Harmony is much more scalable. Harmony's team estimates the network can handle 2,000 transactions per second, with much lower fees than Ethereum.

Due to the more efficient nature of this chain, Harmony has already begun attracting attention from dApp developers looking for a viable alternative to Ethereum. Although ONE has dropped significantly in recent months due to some unfortunate security issues, this project still has exceptional potential for the remainder of 2022.

5. Alpine F1 Team Fan Token - Utility Token for Formula 1 Fans

The Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) is a BEP-20 token targeted toward fans of the BWT Alpine F1 team. By purchasing this token, fans gain access to exclusive experiences – offering a unique take on supporter engagement.

ALPINE holders can vote on various proposals related to the Alpine team; for example, the jersey used by Alpine Esports competitors. Holders also gain access to real-world experiences, such as signed merchandise and in-person events.

As Formula 1 continues to grow in popularity, so too does the engagement with the Alpine team. This translates over to ALPINE tokens, which have already been influenced by supporter demand – surging by over 400% earlier in the year.

6. Celsius (CEL) – Top DeFi Protocol Set for a Rebound

Another popular platform within the DeFi space is Celsius. Like many other protocols, Celsius allows users to borrow and lend money without the need for a centralized intermediary – only requiring users to ‘overcollateralize’ before being able to proceed.

With Celsius, users can earn attractive yields on a wide array of digital currencies. A prime example is USDC, which attracts a yield of up to 7.10% yearly. However, if the user opts for returns paid out in CEL, returns can reach up to 9.32% per year.

Celsius was in the news lately after the platform suspended withdrawals, thanks to the de-pegging of an Ethereum-based token that was used to collateralize positions. However, after bottoming out in early June, CEL seems to be on the rise again in recent weeks.

7. Quant (QNT) – Exciting Software Built for Interoperability

Interoperability has been a longstanding problem within the crypto industry, as most blockchains opt to work individually rather than with others. The Quant network looks to solve this issue by offering software that makes connections and data sharing simple for individual chains. 

Described as an ‘operating software for blockchains’, Quant uses ‘overledger’ technology to facilitate payments on various chains. This technology also allows assets to be transferred safely, including NFTs and smart contracts.

QNT is the native token of the Quant Network and has been gaining momentum as this project begins to expand. The token's price is up over 100% since the beginning of June – and looks set to continue pushing upwards, given the network’s valuable use cases.

8. Amp (AMP) – Digital Collateral Token with Numerous Use Cases

Rounding off our list of new Binance listings is Amp. Amp is a digital collateral token that can be used to secure various assets. According to the project's website, this token works with digital payments, loan distributions, property exchanges, and more.

Collateralization is achieved through staking AMP, which involves smart contracts designed to freeze assets until the transaction has been verified. The most appealing facet of Amp’s structure is that it is open-source, meaning dApp developers can use the token within their creations.

Given that crypto adoption looks set to continue in the years ahead, Amp seems likely to grow in popularity due to its use case. The token now trades at around USD 0.0088, although it appears to have found strong support – providing scope for a potential rebound.

How to Buy Lucky Block

As you'll know by now, Lucky Block is our top pick when it comes to Binance new listings. Although the token is not yet listed on the exchange, the recent release of 'LBLOCK v2' has cleared the way for a Binance listing soon – something that Lucky Block's team (and its investors) are hopeful for. 

In the meantime, those interested in purchasing LBLOCK tokens can do so using LBank. LBLOCK is set to go live on LBank on July 25th - and the steps below highlight the process that must be followed to buy tokens: 

  • Step 1 – Open an LBank Account: Click ‘Register’ on the LBank website, provide a valid email address, and create a password to open a trading account.
  • Step 2 – Verify Account: Click ‘Authentication’ on LBank’s dashboard and complete the platform’s KYC checks. After this, upload proof of ID (e.g. passport) for verification – LBank will email you within 24 hours once everything has been checked.
  • Step 3 – Make a Deposit: Head to the 'Wallet' section of LBank’s dashboard and click 'Deposit'. Select which digital currency you'd like to deposit, copy the wallet address when it appears, and then use this address to transfer the funds from your crypto wallet manually.
  • Step 4 Buy Lucky Block: Search for ‘LBLOCK’ in the search bar on LBank’s trading dashboard and click on the token when it appears. An order box will populate on the bottom of the screen – choose your order type, enter your investment amount, and confirm the position.


To summarize, this article has taken an in-depth look at a selection of new Binance listings, highlighting which have the highest price potential. Although the crypto market remains muted at present, these projects offer rays of light for investors – and could help kickstart the rebound over the coming months.

As noted earlier, Lucky Block is our number one pick in the market right now. Lucky Block's recent launch of 'LBLOCK v2' has provided a platform for the token to be used by day traders. Not only does this open up a whole universe of new traders, but it also paves the way for a Binance listing (along with additional CEX listings) in the weeks and months ahead.