13 Jun 2022 · 3 min read

5 Upcoming ICO With Business Use Cases, That Are Worth Your Attention

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

The perfect investment is a good, ambitious business with a strong use case (ideally in the real world) that offers competitive advantages over other companies. Over the past twenty years, many traditional companies have created successful investment opportunities, including Monster Beverage Corp with returns of 85,000%, Tractor Supply Co. with 45,000% and Old Dominion Freight Lines Inc. with 13,000%. An essential element in promising investment is the competitive advantages, which often require revolutionary new technology. One example of this is Ethereum which, since its first sale, has increased by over 87,000%. Interest in this technology is due to its decentralized nature (untameable by people), which offers automated, digital iterations of traditional business practice. Tencent Holdings Ltd. is one example of a technology-based company that aims to incorporate blockchain into its business. 

For traditional businesses, IPOs (initial public offerings) provided early investment opportunities. The growing blockchain world offers ICOs (initial coin offerings) instead. An ICO allows the public to purchase a coin or token that is often limited and rare and provides some degree of involvment within the company and utility. It is worth mentioning that any investment carries inherent risk. As with the perfect investment, an ICO should include a real-world use case, utility, competitive advantages and incentives for the early investor. Here are five of the interesting upcoming ICOs with business use cases:

1) Maxer

A major incentive of blockchain is that it's decentralized. However, Maxer believes that what blockchain is missing is the human element. Without socialization and people, the trading experience is robotic and unwelcoming to many. Maxer allows users to learn trading by socializing and following successful traders. Users can stake their funds in a social trader and see returns. Their native token also offers 50% off trading fees. Therefore, Maxer provides a unique social platform with competitive advantages over other trading platforms. There is no real-world use case as it is a purely blockchain-focused platform. Despite this, it offers a well-thought-out balance of simplicity, utility and innovation.

2) Health Drone

Health Drone attempts the most compelling real-world use case through automated medical assistance and digitized health care. The idea is that by using their app, a user can pay for drone-based medical help. In the case of Health Drone, it is claimed to be automatic and immediate. This ICO aims to have tangible real-world utility with competitive advantages through their revolutionary idea. Their native token will appreciate and offer early holders long-term medical assistance. The objective is not simple, and there is no concrete evidence their utility can be created or enacted. The website is also vague, and the Whitepaper with more information is unobtainable. 

3) Blablagame.io

Blablagame.io is a simple browser-based game in which two people play rock, paper, scissors, betting some of their cryptocurrency. By winning, the player obtains both players' staked tokens. The simple concept offers no real-world utility, does not have competitive advantages over the competition and the only early incentive is the price appreciation of their ICO. However, the simple concept is easily executable and playable for the mass populace (unlike other cryptocurrency games still in the development stage). Blablagame.io opts for simplicity to bring in the most users and traffic making.


UPGRADE is an upcoming ICO launch (Q2 2020) that aims to revolutionize the way non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are valued using their native token $XUP. The team noticed that NFTs are static and offer no user expression, so they aimed to change that by allowing users to customize their NFT assets. The concept supports collaboration, partnerships and creative expression surrounding the surging NFT market. The ICO utility is lendable NFTs to other users to acquire passive $XUP. The project offers innovation through unique utility - however, it is strictly digital and offers no real-world use cases. 

5) Exeno

Exeno is the first ICO that focuses on all the elements needed to be successful. Exeno does this through compelling utility, real-world use cases, competitive advantages, early incentives and extra benefits such as partnerships (Binance Pay and Certik). Exeno is a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency digital marketplace named c-commerce (crypto commerce). With this marketplace, any user will be able to easily purchase goods with more privacy and with attractive promotions. The purchase process is simple - A user connects their wallet, approves the purchase, and then the blockchain automatically handles dispatch. The highly experienced exeno team aims to continuously innovate through developing features such as Connext collaboration (unparalleled cross-chain performance), referral systems, Stake Back and more. Exeno uses its native cryptocurrency - exeno coin (EXN) offering an empowered ecosystem with a 2.0 marketplace, metaverse, NFT marketplace, previously mentioned innovations and more.

Exeno is impressive ICO currently available as it's revolutionary and innovative, with a real-world use case that is already functional via their marketplace