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4 BEST Cloud Mining Sites of 2022

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Best cloud mining sites

Have you ever thought of creating passive income in cryptocurrency? While traditional Bitcoin mining requires you to set up expensive hardware, cloud hash technology makes it surprisingly easy (even if you don’t have a significant investment amount to put in). All you need to turn into an actual crypto investor right today is to rent a hash power on one of the best, trusted cloud mining sites. By reading this review, you will make sure it is the best idea that allows you to make money online from any place with a trustworthy cloud provider in good standing.

What Is Cloud Mining and How Does It Work?

In the Blockchain industry, crypto cloud mining is a kind of arrangement where a providing company sets up and maintains the industrial facilities while individuals rent hash rate generated by the hardware located in their data center parks. Put it simply, a hosting provider purchases equipment and technically serves the hardware by itself.

Let’s take a look at the best advantages of cloud technology.

  • Best cloud hash providers bring individual investors an opportunity to make money without engineering knowledge.
  • With cloud computing technology, users are not required to buy high-cost equipment and expensive mining-related software.
  • Any person can start earning digital currencies with USD 200-500. This is the best solution for all kinds of investors no matter which amount they have to invest.

Key Takeaway: Crypto mining in the cloud is a remote computing service that implies renting a hash rate generated by a big company that owns industrial facilities (so-called farms). Since that’s a fully remote process, you don’t need any physical equipment at all. And it’s the best thing.

Which Sites Are the Best for BTC Cloud Mining Today?

You can find dozens of platforms for cloud mining in the UK and other countries. To help you avoid scams, we created a list of the four best legit cloud providers who work under the licenses and guarantee fast withdrawals to their customers.


Minimum deposit amount: USD 250.

Available currencies: Bitcoin.

Bonus: 33% extra power for all new customers.

If you want to mine Bitcoin with the best profitability take your sight at LetMeCloud, a UK-based company with 25 000 customers. As one of the best global providers, LetMeCloud tries to make users’ experience with cloud mining safe and comfortable. The British company runs several data center parks in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Canada. The newest equipment from the world’s best manufacturers guarantees high-efficient Bitcoin mining without downtime. Users have an opportunity to buy hash power in the cloud from almost anywhere in the world (currently, the provider operates in 70+ countries). Also, the company promises 100% secure and really fast withdrawals. Best payment methods are available.

To start earning BTC on the LetMeCloud platform, create an account and find the contract option that would be best for you. In the next step, make a deposit to rent the best miner. The cloud mining process starts automatically right after the purchase, so you don’t have to activate your account and contract manually. You will find a cloud mining output calculator on the platform that helps to calculate estimated profit from every mining plan. Currently, the company offers the three best BTC plans with revenue rates that start at 180%. LetMeCloud uses the best security protocols to protect users’ mined funds.

Another best thing we love about LetMeCloud is the surprisingly great quality of customer support. Feel free to write to them any time you want, since live chat on their website is available 24 hours. Another feature you may appreciate on LetMeCloud is a personal manager who will support your journey with cloud mining at every single step. The other advantages of cloud mining on LetMeCloud are guaranteed daily payouts, an easy-to-navigate website interface, and zero fees for cryptocurrency withdrawals.

The minimum entry amount on LetMeCloud is USD 250. So you can start to mine in the cloud even with the smallest investment. Direct payments with credit cards are accepted. The processing of the withdrawal requests usually takes just a couple of hours. The company promises to withdraw funds within a maximum of 24 hours after the request was created in the account.

Genesis Mining

  • Minimum deposit amount: USD 500.
  • Available currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, ZCash, Monero.
  • Bonus: currently unavailable on the platform.

One of the world’s largest and best cloud providers Genesis Mining was created in 2013. The headquarters is in Wanchai, Hong Kong. By now, the platform offers cloud crypto investors to mine over ten mineable currencies by using six different algorithms. The number of successfully conducted transactions on the website has already reached 100 million, and over 2 million users earn the best digital coins on Genesis Mining day by day. The mining facilities are located in Iceland and Sweden. They include Enigma, one of the biggest and best Ethereum mining data centers in the world. By the way, you can take a 360° virtual tour on their website.

Pricing for Ethereum contracts (the best option on Genesis Mining) starts at USD 500 per 12.50 MH/s. The provider’s best seller is the Radiant Medium contract that includes 25 MH/s under the Ethash cloud mining algorithm for USD 1000. All ETH contracts have a 24-month duration. There are no maintenance fees involved, and all plans are completely prepaid (one-time payments). The other pro of Genesis Mining is the ability to mine different digital coins at the same time under different algorithms.

One of the best Bitcoin mining companies has a lot of positive reviews in dozens of trusted sources (including the press mentions in CBS News, Forbes, and Business Matters). The Genesis Mining team runs official pages on Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media. Many customers notice the best customer service, fast payouts on crypto coins, as well as a beginner-friendly website interface. It’s very easy to sign up, create an account, and start earning altcoins on the platform (even if it’s your first experience with cloud crypto mining). The cloud provider has an affiliate program.

To make the user experience more convenient, the company accepts payments in both crypto and fiat currencies (including the credit cards option). Note that credit card purchases have particular limits per day and week. Plus, the company established limits for minimum and maximum transactions made in USD and other fiat currencies.


  • Minimum deposit amount: depends on the selected mining pool.
  • Available currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.
  • Bonus: currently unavailable.

NiceHash is a Bitcoin cloud mining website that brings together different cryptocurrency services including the world’s biggest hash power marketplace and CPU/GPU hardware mining under the provider’s software. Bitcoin farm owners can find in the NiceHash platform a free operating system that can be used for an unlimited number of mining rigs. The NiceHash OS is currently available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Cloud miners can also download an official NiceHash app from App Store and Google Play.

The mining company was created in 2014 in Slovenia. In 2022, NiceHash unites millions of crypto miners from 190 countries. The company’s offices are located in The British Virgin Islands and Slovenia. The team aimed to create the biggest open hash rate marketplace where any individual can buy and sell hash power as well as earn Bitcoins. The marketplace is a core of the company’s business. That’s why many investors claim NiceHash is not only one of the best Bitcoin mining sites but also a leading global provider for hash rate on demand. The company created the original algorithm that is already used by over 500 thousand Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Currently, the provider doesn’t offer traditional cloud mining services to its customers. Instead, NiceHash enables Bitcoin enthusiasts to purchase particular amounts of hash rate from other users. The scheme is pretty clear. There are no cloud mining contracts here. You can cancel using it at any time and get invested funds back without any cancellation fees. The minimum amount you can invest in hash power on the NiceHash marketplace is currently 0.001 BTC for every mining algorithm. Users always can be sure they pay for working and valid crypto rigs. The company provides detailed real-time statistics that help users easily follow their orders and performances. In other words, the provider connects sellers and buyers of hash power.

To start buying hash rate on the NiceHash platform, select a cryptocurrency you want to mine first. Then, choose a suitable pool, and set the price per GH/s that you are willing to pay. After placing the order, it will be forwarded to other NiceHash users who have mining hardware. You can also choose mining algorithms from an extensive list that includes SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, X13, Keccak, NeoScrypt, and many more. You can always check the current pricing and a list of available pools on the provider’s website.


  • Minimum deposit amount: depends on the selected mining algorithm.
  • Available currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  • Bonus: 30% off on all contracts for new users.

We close our short list of trusted cloud mining sites with IQMining, the Bitcoin cloud mining platform with a wide range of available cryptocurrencies. With the best mining facilities set up in different countries (including Iceland and Canada), IQMining provides steady crypto cloud mining services to thousands of beginner and large digital coin investors. Cryptocurrency trading is another popular option on the IQMining platform. The company promises daily payouts in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Depending on the investing strategy, users can select 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, or lifetime cloud mining contracts on IQMining. The most popular Bitcoin options are SHA-256 and SHA-256 PRO plans with a price of USD 0.17 per 10 GH/s. The current maintenance fee on IQMining is USD 0.0004 per 24 hours. The estimated income calculator option is available for every user (even for those who don’t have an account on the platform yet). Almost all popular plans are usually in stock, so you probably won’t face any issues during the process of purchasing hash power on this Bitcoin mining website.

Another investment tool is cloud contract pledging. Any investor can pledge a purchased contract (it can be bought back anytime) and get up to 100% of its price to increase passive income on the platform. Easy purchases are another advantage that makes IQMining one of the best Bitcoin cloud mining sites. Feel free to pay for rented miners using your crypto coins wallet, any credit card, Webmoney, Perfect Money, and other options. The provider accepts payments in both BTC and popular altcoins/stablecoins (including Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, and so on).

Those who dream of extra passive income in digital coins can participate in a referral program on the IQMining website. Any member who joined has an opportunity to get an extra 10% hash rate of all referred customers’ purchases. All they have to do is to get a referral link and share it with friends who are interested in the profitable crypto cloud mining services. All earnings from the referral program can be easily transferred to any purchased contract on the platform. Fast commission payouts, regular promotions, and 24-hour live support chat are included. The company also offers active users a lot of specials (including monthly giveaways with fabulous prizes).

What are the Pros of Crypto Cloud Mining with Trusted Websites?

The key benefit of cloud computing technology is easy and cheap access to Bitcoin mining from almost any country. The investor doesn’t buy high-priced equipment and doesn’t maintain their own rigs. All that’s needed is a PC, laptop, or any mobile device with an internet connection.

Why is it crucial to select trusted cloud mining sites (especially when you’re new to cryptocurrency)? With a legitimate, licensed cloud provider, you earn Bitcoin or altcoins with minimal risks. The main rule when you are starting is to avoid fraudsters who can steal your savings by using their sophisticated fake schemes. We hope that our rating of the best Bitcoin mining sites will help you join a crypto community without any financial risks.

We wish you all the best with creating your passive income in the Digital Universe!