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3 Traders' Aptos Price Predictions and 3 Low Cap Altcoin Alternatives

Some of the top crypto traders including Cold Blooder Shiller have tweeted bearish Aptos price predictions despite its rally to over $10.

Aptos Price Predictions

The controversial new Layer-1 blockchain's APT token was listed on every major crypto exchange on October 19, following a private sale for venture capital investors.

After its day one pump to around $17 - $30 depending on the exchange - the Binance APT/USDT pair even wicked as high as $100 - the Aptos price then crashed to a low of approximately $6.80, leading some traders to speculate retail investors were being dumped on by VCs.

Cold Blooded Shiller

Nothing goes down in a straight line however, and on October 21 @ColdBloodShill - who has 172,000 followers - predicted Aptos shorts piling in would lead to a short squeeze and a blow off top for the $APT price, before it 'dies'.

At the time of writing the Aptos price has rallied as high as $10.33 this weekend before a pull back to the $9 level.


@SalsaTekila, who has 168,000 followers, also predicted an Aptos short squeeze earlier today at around the $9.30 area.

Posting open interest data from Coinalyze, he noticed the Aptos price had rallied 33% while funding rates were negative - i.e. shorts were paying longs.

Salsa added that he had no open Aptos position, but was wary of shorting altcoin rallies even if a coin is expected to trend towards zero - which is his and others' long term Aptos price prediction.

Crypto Mocho

One trader that did long Aptos also posted his APT price prediction - @cryptomocho who has 155,000 followers took profit over $9, not wanting to round trip his PnL.

Crypto Mocho posted his Aptos long setup from $7.50 on October 22.

Low Cap Aptos Alternatives

At an APT token price of $9.50, Aptos has a live market cap of almost $1.25 billion and a fully diluted valuation of $9.6 billion.

Three new token presales - that unlike the Aptos private sale are open to the public - that we've highlighted in our crypto news coverage are:

  • Dash 2 Trade - which has raised over $1.6 million in the past four days
  • Calvaria - the most-awaited NFT trading card game of 2022
  • IMPT - an eco friendly crypto presale with real world utility

Investing in a new cryptocurrency at the presale stage often has lower risk and higher potential reward than buying into a rally of an asset with an FDV nearing $10 billion - the Aptos market cap is already ranked within the top 50 crypto assets on CoinMarketCap.

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