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3 Crypto Analysts Tip New Cryptocurrency Presale Dash 2 Trade for High Upside Potential

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With close to a million followers combined, the crypto influencers below recently reviewed new crypto project Dash 2 Trade (D2T) on their channels.

As D2T is built by traders, for traders, powering an upcoming crypto analytics platform, it quickly began attracting attention across a wide variety of crypto news media – featured in Cointelegraph early on when its presale passed the $500k mark – and trading communities.

It’s now one of the most trending cryptocurrency tokens on social media like YouTube and Twitter having now raised over $8.25 million at dash2trade.com, and was recently reviewed on CT a second time.

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Trending New Cryptocurrency Dash 2 Trade Reviewed

Conor Kenny has 145k subscribers on his crypto YouTube channel, Crypto Gains has 94k, and VoskCoin has 607k.

Conor Kenny


‘Dash 2 Trade’s features include a bespoke scoring system to participate in crypto presales. Here on this channel we do look at a lot of presales and this could be a platform that shows you opportunities to get involved early. I do find the social sentiment toolset to be very interesting, and there are also new cryptocurrency listing alerts. It’s audited by SolidProof and its team verified by CoinSniper. One of the things I like to see that gives me a little bit more confidence in a new cryptocurrency is a team being doxxed.’

Crypto Gains

‘The last few presales that I showed you performed really well. There’s a great advantage to getting into presales early. One of my patrons got involved in Tamadoge and turned $10k in $100k. I like that Dash 2 Trade has no limit to investing, as some launchpad projects have a maximum investment. I’m calling a 10x based on its low one billion supply, cheap price, 0% sales tax and genuine team. Its platform can you also give you a leg up in the market – even my channel could benefit from this. I like the idea of automated analysis systems.’


‘Looking for crypto trading signals, predictions and analytics that could potentially up your trading game? Dash 2 Trade are getting close to closing out their presale and building a platform to help people make better trades. Its an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Network akin to the classic ICO (initial coin offerings). Its a lot cheaper to transact on Ethereum than it used to be. Dash 2 Trade passed its audit with no issues and I like that they have an online presence on Discord, Twitter and LinkedIn with names and faces attached. This platform could really shine with some star traders using it. I can see a little bit of an evolution in their product offering.’

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Dash 2 Trade Presale Selling Out Fast

The Dash 2 Trade presale could end soon as its hard cap target is now $13.4 million, of which over 60% has already been raised.

The D2T token price also rises in increments throughout the presale, with its current stage being 95% sold out at a price of 0.0513 per coin, after which the price will rise to 0.0533.

Two CEX listings have been confirmed for after the presale concludes, which will add a high trading volume at the outset – Bitmart and LBank – as well as a Uniswap listing.

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