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This $0.03 Presale Crypto Is Expected to Rise 400% in 2022, Like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

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Source: Tamadoge

Existing coins always present attractive investment opportunities. While these assets have high values, presales shouldn’t be overlooked as well. Tamadoge is one of the presale digital assets.

Although unavailable for purchase, these assets can be invested in as they are near completion.

Tamadoge (TAMA) – an intriguing blockchain gaming project with serious potential – is currently one of the best presales in the crypto space.

What Is Tamadoge? 

Tamadoge is a blockchain gaming project that seeks to dominate the market. The self-proclaimed “play-to-earn Dogecoin” aims to combine the benefits of meme coins with blockchain gaming. 

It does this with an easy-to-use ecosystem and several real-world earning opportunities for players.

Source: Tamadoge

Tamadoge revolves around doges, which are digital pets represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These pets can be purchased and groomed with the goal of eventually pitting them against the pets of other players.

With each battle, investors can increase the value of their doges while also acquiring the doges of the opposing player. In addition, winners receive TAMA tokens for their efforts.

The TAMA token also serves as the platform’s governance token, allowing players to influence Tamadoge’s development.

TAMA Presale Turns up the Heat

TAMA’s presale began in July, with the platform’s developers distributing coins to interested early investors. And they’ve already accomplished a lot in less than three months.

Tamadoge announced earlier this week that they had raised $16 million from the asset’s presale. The announcement raises the asset’s total capital to a level higher than that of the 2014 ETH initial coin offering, the native token for the Ethereum network.

The capital raise is especially impressive given that Tamadoge’s developers only recently announced a $14.5 million milestone. 

This demonstrates that investor demand for TAMA continues to rise, and the asset is now firmly among the market’s hottest presales. 

TAMA’s presale value has increased from $0.001 to $0.003 since the presale began. Such gains indicate that the asset may be poised for even greater gains once it exits the presale stage.

All Set for the Full Launch 

TAMA investors are currently preparing for the full launch of the Tamadoge gaming platform. Although progress has already been made, the developers hope to launch the in-app NFT marketplace, similar to the popular Opensea NFT marketplace, and other exciting features by the year’s fourth quarter. 

This should enable them to create a self-sufficient and resilient gaming ecosystem, similar to Axie Infinity and other top blockchain games.

Simultaneously, Tamadoge is gaining industry recognition. Earlier this month, the developers collaborated with Transak, a Web3 fiat on-ramp service, to enable fiat on-ramps on the Tamadoge platform. 

The collaboration will enable users in more than 15 countries to easily buy Ethereum with credit cards and then convert those tokens to TAMA.

Transak’s collaboration will also extend purchase functionality to third-party payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. As a result, everyone should have easy access to TAMA tokens. And now that the Ethereum Merge is complete, transactions should be much faster and less expensive than they were previously.

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