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If you want to stay informed about the best ICOs, read our ICO News section. There is a growing public interest in the topic of ICOs, especially due to the fact that picking the right projects to back via token sales, has in some instances proven very profitable for investors. Token generation events are a completely new concept for businesses to raise money, which is why there is ICO token news to cover every single day. With all that’s happening in the space, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the quantity of projects and easy to miss the most interesting token sales. ICO news today are at the centre of what people in the crypto community consult on a daily basis, and never get enough from. Being informed about the latest ICO news puts people ahead of the pack. Of course there are lots of projects out there who are making use of the public interest in the space to raise unreasonable amount of funds, which is why being in the know about projects is very important. ICO analysis news are therefore aimed at taking a more in depth view into the structure of a specific ICO, and look at projects’ technical aspects, token economics, distribution timings, usage of raised funds and teams’ token lock up’s. In addition, ICO reports provide aggregated information and performance metrics from recent ICOs, by taking a less granular, macro-level based perspective of the industry.

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