How To Get Fan Tokens on is a new, interactive way to support your team via digital tokens. In our previous guides, we have covered how to set up a Socios account and purchase the native token, Chiliz (CHZ).

To fully immerse yourself into the app and the goings-on of your favorite team, you must use these CHZ tokens to purchase “fan tokens” which enable you to take part in exclusive competitions and events hosted by your club.

This short guide will break down, step by step, how to navigate the marketplace and purchase your team's fan tokens.

This guide assumes you have already set up a account and purchased Chiliz through the mobile app. If you have not yet opened an account or made your first purchase, click here to view our Socios guides.

Some of the tokens available on Source: Tokens

To make the most of your account you need to purchase Socios fan tokens. These allow you access to unique opportunities which are unavailable to regular fans.

To get your hands on these, you first need to purchase Chiliz coins through your app and then exchange them for your club tokens quickly and easily on your smartphone.

In our previous guide, we broke down the process of purchasing Chiliz, and in this one, we will teach you how to use these to pick up your first fan tokens.

How To Buy Socios Fan Tokens

To continue your journey, open up the app on your mobile, and once logged in, click “Market” on the top toolbar. 

It is not an issue if it has been a little while and you need to log in again – simply enter the mobile number that you used to set up the account, enter the code that is sent via text message and complete the Captcha task to continue.

Here you will be presented with a list containing all of the available fan tokens available at this time. Swipe on your screen to scroll through the teams until you find your favorite club, then once found, click the circle with the two arrows inside. For this example, we will be using Arsenal FC.

You will see some numbers, which might be confusing at first, but never fear! These numbers simply refer to the live price of the individual tokens at the time of viewing. These can fluctuate, as can any digital token or currency, and the number in the grey box is the cost, in Chiliz, of each token, and the percentage next to it shows whether the price has risen or dropped over the past 24 hours.

This will open a pop-up at the bottom of your screen with two options: “Buy AFC” and “Sell AFC”.

Click “Buy AFC” to continue the purchase.

You will then be redirected to a purchase page, but before you can continue further you must agree to the initial disclaimer. This will pop up on every transaction, whether it be your first or your twenty-first, and ensures that you understand what you are purchasing and have read the terms and conditions.

If you are happy to proceed, tap the green “I Agree” button. 

The pop-up will then disappear and you will gain access to the transaction page. Here you will decide how many fan tokens you would like to purchase and you will then be shown how much, in CHZ, this will cost you.

Enter the number of tokens and you will see the orange “Buy AFC” button illuminate. Tap this to continue.

You will then be taken to an order confirmation screen which will confirm once more the number of tokens you are purchasing and what this will cost you.

You will also be shown any fees that you will accrue; in this case, I have fees of 0.57 Chiliz on top of my purchase.

Tick the check box, to confirm that you understand the risks, and agree to the purchase terms to once again activate the orange “Buy AFC” button.

Tap this to lock in your order.

Upon clicking, you will be greeted with another pop-up explaining that your order is now pending and may take a few minutes to complete.

Tap the green “Transaction History” button to see the status of this purchase and any previous purchases.

As it is your first purchase, you will then be met with another pop-up titled “A Trip to the Market”, congratulating you on this accomplishment and rewarding you with 400 XP.

Tap the arrow at the top of this pop-up to continue to your transaction history page.

Here you will see any previous transactions, including free tokens, as well as confirmation that your latest transaction is pending and will be completed shortly.

The transaction will typically be completed quicker than the time displayed in this guide, so from here tap “Home” in the bottom toolbar.

Once you have returned to your homepage and refreshed the app, tap “Wallet” – found, again, in the bottom toolbar.

This will redirect you to your personal wallet, and you will be presented with your available balance in both Chiliz (CHZ) and Euros (EUR), as well as your fan tokens.

Your purchase will be the last token in the list, below any gifted tokens and native tokens. If it is not visible straight away swipe up on your tokens to see more. 

Closing Thoughts

By converting your Chiliz (CHZ) to your favorite club’s fan tokens, you have opened the door to a world of new, exciting opportunities that are inaccessible to many fans. You have exclusive access to competitions as well as a say in decisions around the club.

As you explore the app you will find ways to gather more tokens, and you may find that you come to love new clubs around the world that may never have crossed your mind previously.

We have helped you get up and running and now we pass the reins over to you, as you discover new ways to utilize your tokens and continue your journey to becoming more than a fan with the help of crypto