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How to Buy and Sell Ethereum in India?

In India, the popularity of Ethereum (ETH) is on the rise as it’s probably the second most talked about crypto after bitcoin. This is followed by the increasing public interest in either mining or trading Ethereum, which are the two basic options to acquire it in India. For some Indians, mining Ethereum is not an option due to initial investments and potentially low returns. This is why they are increasingly wondering how to buy Ethereum in India and start trading with it for long-term profits.

At the moment, the easiest option is to go to one of the country’s crypto exchanges and set up an account and wallet with them. The wallet will allow you to buy, trade and exchange your Ethereum. It can be bought for fiat currency such as rupees (INR) once your bank account is linked to the one with the crypto exchange. Purchased Ethereum will be stored in a wallet, which is the easiest way to keep it for beginners, while the more experienced users can explore other options.

Another option to buy ETH in India is to buy bitcoin on one of the exchanges and change it to Ethereum on any respectable crypto exchange with global coverage.

If you have already done this and got your hands on the desired crypto, you may be asking yourself how to sell Ethereum in India? Well, the answer is similar to the one regarding buying, as the best places to sell ETH in India are your friendly neighborhood crypto exchanges. Just like any other transaction, you’ll be to do it in exchange for a fee. Make sure you check these together with the current exchange rates, particularly if you want to convert your ETH to bitcoin first and then have your bitcoin exchanged for any fiat currency.

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