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“The Biggest Crypto-Giveaway” By… “Donald Trump”

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US President Donald Trump has made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days, the Washington Post reported yesterday. And it seems that Twitter scammers are trying to help Mr. Trump to improve these numbers.

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A tweet from a verified Twitter account that seemed to belong to the president raised eyebrows on Twitter overnight as it declared the “biggest crypto-giveaway in the world.”

All that followers would have to do in order to participate was to send an amount of either bitcoin or ether to a given address in order to “verify” their account. Hopeful Trump/crypto fans were then promised that an amount many times greater would be returned to their address as part of the “giveaway.”

The tweet was removed by Twitter, but Reddit user CryptoPujeet still managed to get a screenshot of it:

The tweet links to two websites with detailed instructions on how to participate in what is most certainly a scam.

Reddit users went on to jokingly suggest Trump change his Twitter name to Donald “Not Giving Away ETH” Trump to get rid of the problem once and for all, similar to what lots of other famous crypto personalities have done.

Crypto scams have taken off on Twitter since the boom of late 2017, with fake accounts impersonating famous personalities becoming a major problem. People have reportedly lost over USD 5 million in so-called “trust-trading” scams involving Ethereum to date.

Despite this rather depressing outlook, several technological solutions aiming to combat these scams have emerged, with notable examples including companies like MetaCert and Scam Clerk that aims to identify fake social media accounts and websites.