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Japan’s Crypto Girls Band Refused to be Paid in Yen

Priyeshu Garg
Last updated: | 1 min read

Among the approximate 260,000 people affected by the crypto exchange Coincheck hack were the Virtual Currency Girls, a Japanese pop band which actively promotes cryptocurrencies through its music and performances.

As part of their contract, the eight performers between the ages of 15 and 22 receive a large portion of their salaries in cryptocurrency – yet with the respective account among those frozen by Coincheck, they were unable to receive that portion of their income. Nonetheless, the members did not appear perturbed.

“Our manager offered to pay us in yen, but we said no because we proudly promote the cryptocurrency in our performance and concert merchandise,” shared Hinano Shirahama in an interview with Reuters. She represents Bitcoin in the group.

As part of their act, each member embodies a different digital currency, and dons a mask bearing the symbol of the one she represents.

The Virtual Currency Girls is still a relatively new addition to Japan’s music industry.

Although the group’s debut performance on January 12, 2018 was successful, the VC Girls have not yet established a name for themselves or attracted a significant fan-base.

As part of their act, the eight girls dress up in black and white maid costumes, sing and dance about cryptocurrency. Their primary objective is to raise awareness and promote the widespread benefits of cryptocurrencies, their investment potential and their applications.

“We want to enlighten Japan through entertainment about the possibilities of virtual currency,” said Rara Naruse, the apparent leader of the group and member who represents Bitcoin Cash.